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Simpon Says Stamp Card Kit

I recently signed up for a Simon Says Card Kit of the Month and because I live in Canada, It did not get here until a few days ago (September 20th!). I was so excited to get this month’s kit for a few reasons. First of all, it had two stamp sets in it. and secondly, one of the stamps was a large stamp, my first ever.

Heads Up, before we go any further, this is a SHORT post!

My first look at the stamp and I was so excited. I knew what I wanted to do: use clear embossing ink and heat emboss. I lined it up in my stamping tool and dabbed embossing ink on it. STAMP. Not all areas of the stamp got inked!

Try number two, inked it all up. STAMP. Spaces in the image. Glad to have my stamping tool! I was ok to keep going as the image was stamping in the same spot over and over because of the stamping tool: mine is a Tim Holtz tool.

Well, I have to say by the fourth try, I was fed up! I decided that since I put all this energy into the thing, I might as will heat emboss what I could. I finished up the heat embossing and wondered if I could cut the image apart and used the pieces in different cards… I figured, hey, I have spent a good 15 mn with this, let me colour it in and see what it looks like before I start the cutting process..

So I coloured in the image MY STYLE which translates to no real knowledge of shading etc. Once it was finished I fussy cut it out.

I have to say that given all the mistakes with me not stamping it correctly, and colouring it incorrectly, I still like how it looks.

Next time I will not cut it out as there is too much inner white space, so I will just stamp it on the card base that I will use.

Cards Celebrations Free Greeting Cards Paper


I was looking for an interactive card to make as I LOVE paper creations that move when I came across a few people making a gumball machine that dispenses candy. YEP, it really worked. So I wanted to make my own card and tried out one of the videos with so-so success. After looking at a few different ways to put this card together, I decided to do my own, so below is what I did and some tips on what worked. I will give instructions for both solid cardstock and the cardstock/foam tape version.

Give some credit!

So before I begin with my own design, I would like to list the places I saw this card.


Here is a list of what you will need to make this card

  • Heavy cardstock 110 pound
  • Decorative Cardstock for gumball machine.
  • Double sided foam tape
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Acetate for shaker window
  • Candy: mini M&M or Tic Tac
  • Optional chipboard 1/8 inch thick
  • My SVF file or your Circle Dies- 2 in, 1 in, 1/2 inch

Easier Than You Think

Ok, I am going to give quite a bit of detail below and although I hope to be clear in the instruction, you may look at it and think it’s complicated. It’s NOT! The general assembly once everything is cut takes about 15 minutes.

The piece we will use are named for easy reference


  1. Gumball Card Base
  2. Guide Mechinism which looks like a rectange and a odd lightbulb shape cut out
  3. Dispensing Mechinism looks like a circle with a wedge shape cut out – PacMan shaped for those of you old enough to remember!
  4. Handle made up of small circles and rectangles
  5. Optional 1/4 inch strips to cut for a tidy finish.
  6. Lid to cover the refilling candy space.
  7. Gumball Machine Body
  8. Greeting Card base
  9. Stopper


Gumball Card Base – Cut 1

Working Gumball Machine
Gumball Card Base- the starting point to dispensing candy from a working gumball machine

CUT 1 of the Gumball Card Base

Cut a piece of acetate 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and using double-sided tape/glue, cover the larger (shaker) window.

Glue the acetate to the back of the Gumball Card Base – choose any side to be the back. Glue or double-sided tape can be used and will not show when the card is finished.

Additional information: The size for the Gumball Card Base was taken from the Tiffany Yu version. The size of the Gumball Card Base used in this file is 4 inches by 5.25 inches. I found this Gumball Card Base size to be perfect. I did try using 65-pound cardstock in my trial version but decided on the heavier 110-pound cardstock. All of the various parts are made using 110-pound cardstock with an option to use less cardstock by using a combination of Cardstock, foam tape, and use 1/8 inch chipboard for the inner part of this card. You will need a Cricut Maker to cut the chipboard if you decide to use this material. The size of the circles on this card base is 2 inches, 0.55 inches and 1 inch cut partially for the tray. When I made the file, The position of the window (2 inches) and The mechanism/handle turned out to be crucial in a smooth dispensing of candy.

The various parts of the Gumball Card Base
Card Base GumBall
This is the Gumball Card Base that is used as a base to creates the gumball machine

Inner Mechinism

The inner part of this interactive card has two parts, First is the Guide Mechanism for the candy to move from the window to the Dispensing Mechanism that catches the candy and dispenses it.

Guide Mechanism

Cut 1, 8, or 12 of these depending on what you decide after reading the additional material below.

Foam tape can be used in between the cutout pieces in any fashion you like to bring the inner mechanism to the required 1/4 inch.

Glue the assembled Guide Mechanism to the back of the Gumball Card Base

Option 1: Use 12 pieces of Inner Mechanism cut from 110-pound cardstock. My image below the inner mechanism is not yet glued together. This version does not need anything extra to protect against a sticky edge.

12 layers of cardstock. no edges to cover as none are sticky

Additional information: We need to create a space between the shaker window and the back of the card that will allow the candy to flow smoothly. If the candy is flat, the mini M&M is about 1/4 inch. If it ends up sideways then it needs 1/2 inch.

I used 1/4 inch spacing, and if any went sideways, a little shake fixed the issue. To get this space, I stacked and glued 8 of the inner mechanism and then used 2 layers of foam tape.

You can also get a 1/4 inch space by using all foam tape: Cut one of the inner mechanisms to use as a guide and then put foam tape on all of the solid areas. Don’t go too close to the cutout section in the middle of the Guide Mechanism as you don’t want the candy sticking to the foam. If you decide to use only foam tape, you will have to use a 1/4 strip of paper to cover the sticky edge later on in the assembly or dust the sticky edge with powder to get rid of the stickiness. A 1/4 inch strip to cut is included in the file.

You can also use only cardstock, cut 12 pieces, and glue them together. This will make your card a little heavy, so if you are thinking of mailing it your postage may increase

Option 2: Use 1 piece of Inner Mechanism cut from 110-pound cardstock. Use foam tape to build the space to be 1/4 inch. We will need to use a 1/4 inch strip of paper to cover the inner edge of the inner mechanism so that the candy does not get stuck. with any foam tape use, this strip of paper to cover the sticky edge is needed.

Dispensing Mechanism:

Cut 1,8 or 12 of the Dispensing Mechanism after reading additional information below

Cardstock foam tape: use 1 Dispensing Mechanism cut from cardstock and layer foam to create a 1/4 high object. This is best done as described by Tiffany Yu. Cut 4 1 inch circles and cut in half. Layer on the bottom of Dispensing Mechanism. Cut 2 half circles 1 inch in diameter and fold each piece in half. Layer on the solid wedge area.

Cardstock only: For the Dispensing Mechanism, you can also use only cardstock: cut 10 to 12 of the Dispensing Mechanisms and glue them together to form a 1/4 inch thick object. Cover each side with a solid 1-inch circle.

Insert the assembled Dispensing Mechanism to the back of the Gumball Card Base so that it looks like this below. note that yours will have the additional solid circle covering this Dispensing Mechanism so the wedge will not actually be visible.

Final Assembly of The Card

Gumball Machine

Cut 1 of each

The Gumball machine consists of a gumball base and a circle. These are glued to the front of the card Base


Cut 8 of the .5 inch circles and 8 of the 1-inch rectangles cut and 1 out of decorative paper

The handle has 2 parts: first is the 8 small circles about .5 inches in diameter that are glued and stacked and then finished off with the rectangular part of the handle made up of 8 pieces of cardstock. Put this through the .55 inch hole in the front and glue it to the Dispensing Mechanism that is at the back


The removeable stopper to refill the gumballis simply two pieces of cardstock with foam tape and some string snadwitched between them. The finished thickness should be 1/4 inch.

Greeting Card Base

Greeting Card Base 8.5 by 5.5 folded in half. The entire assembled Dispensing Gumball Machine is adhered to the front of this card. You can stamp a message in the shaker window area so that when the candy is finished, there is a message.

Well, All Done

Once you attach the finished gumball machine, adhear to the front of your greeting card and fill with candy. The stopper prevents the candy from falling out and can be removed to refill.

If you would like the svg file, drop me a note and I will email it to you. The file below is PDF.

For SVG File

Here is a link to my google drive for the SVG file: SVG FILE

Greeting Cards journal Mini Album and Brag Books Paper stamp and dies stamp and dies

A Beginners 4 Tips To Enjoy Stamping

By BEGINNERS 101 I do mean me! Yep, this is my journey into the world of stamping and what not to do as well as tips and suggestions of what may help. For those of you who are like me, and collect projects on Pinterest, pin them to your board, and just never get back to actually doing anything with it. Well, read on. Maybe you are also just too intimidated by it all,? Me too! so today I will share a few tips on how I finally got started.

Tip 1

So many stamps out there where did I start? I admit that I went to the dollar store, who can resist the price, and stamps are stamps, right? So I got a few very cute-looking stamps, dropped them in my draw, and there they stayed for a few years. Why? Well here is why… I think! I was shaking in my boots at the prospect of inking the stamps, what ink to use, how to keep it all lined up? That, and more gave me a headache- literally. So tip 1 to myself and anyone reading this is: don’t be afraid to fail. Most of the dollar store stamps come with ink pads, grab some scrap paper and start inking and stamping. Our goal is to get comfortable with the process and learn from what CAN go wrong. To sum it all up: take out the supplies and stamps you have at hand and start stamping them on paper. It will not be a masterpiece but it will ease you into the process.

My Dollar store stamp: A little itsy bitsy flower that was a challenge to cut from the thick cardstock and my coloring is not pro but I like it!

Tip 1 use your stamps
Part of a dollar store stamp I purchased years ago

Tip 2

So you stamped a few images and you are not impressed? Yeah, that was me also. I was thinking

“What’s the hype all about?”

carolyn moshtagh

I think I felt this way because the stamps did not excite me, and also, I was still not sure where to use these stamps. Most people use stamps on greeting cards and scrapbooks. My favorite type of greeting card is interactive, dynamic cards. These flat stamps were not exciting to me. If you are ok with flat greeting cards and this is not a drawback then you still may have been wondering where to actually use these stamps. So GET excited, when you find a project that uses a stamp that excites you, try making it. I first saw a stamped card and it was not interactive, it was just a flat stamped card, but something caught my attention. It was a scene of some older girlfriends and a funny quote. I LOVED it, it spoke to me and I could see myself producing a card with this stamp on it.

So my Tip 2 is to check out Pinterest and pin all the ideas, then choose one idea and commit to making it.

Following my own tip, I made a double slider card , stamped a few cute images from My favorite Things stamps and dies and Voliá!

Tip 3

I initially failed my own Tip 2 for a few reasons, first I did not think the price of the stamp was worth it, remember, I choose the dollar store for my supply! I headed out to Michaels looking for a substitute to replicate the friendship scene of Art Impressions stamp. While there were many cute stamps, there were none that gave me the same feeling of creativity. Over the next few years, I purchased a few small stamps from Michaels, some were wood mounted, and some clear vinyl clings type. They all sat in my craft bin and here is why: I realized that once you stamp the image, you have to color it in or stamp the image with different colors. The image above is stamped then colored in. I suck at coloring! I tried to ink various parts of a stamp in different colors and stamp it but the ink dried out before I could stamp the image or I could not position the stamp accurately. I tried the mounting blocks for the vinyl clear stamps (totally gave up on the woodblock mounted stamps) NOT working for me.

Now, when I saw someone using a stamping tool I just knew this what I needed to get started. The greatest block in my stamping journey was about to be solved!

The misty pictured below is famous and used by many crafters/stampers, and there are many others like it so find the one you like, they are all pretty similar, get one with a magnet that holds your paper in place as that really helped me and yes that was Tip number 3 find a method that helps you stamp your image accurately, allows for you to reink if needed and get a nice clean stamped image!

Worth mentioning is that I also tried to print colored images and black and white images to color and use. I did not find most of these images helpful in my craft making, but I did have success with these two tiny birds, I think it was because they are so tiny, it was difficult to mess it up.

Tip 4

You purchased the stamp that got your creative juices stirring, you stamped your image and now you are ready to color it all in. Keep in mind that if you mess up, all you have to do is restamp and start coloring again. It is a bit frustrating trying to teach yourself, we are blessed with tutorials on Youtube and I found that all these amazing companies that sell stamps have great tutorials and ideas, so copy the techniques, and soon, you will feel confident, have your own style, and even if you keep using the techniques exactly as shown, the final product will always be unique to you. My stamping adventure all came together with I saw an interactive stamp from My Favorite Things Stamps. It was of a little girl swinging. (She is SOOOO cute!) The interactive portion caught my attention and the fact that the stamp had a matching die to cut it out and make it swing!

Yup, after a LONG period of not stamping and NOT creating anything with a stamp, my interest was piqued. Research research research. Back to old habits of trying to replicate this card with other images and creating the swing mechanism myself. FAILED! OK not quite a fail, I got a card with a swing that did swing but NOT cute! I scrapped it. I subscribed to the My Favorite Things website and soon started to get product information in my inbox. I did finally purchase this cute girl swinging, made my card, and continue to look at tutorials using a stamped image. So, use the resources and ideas online to get you started. It seems that watching people online crafting is something of a cult following, and I did watch lots of people coloring in cards using alcohol ink markers, watercolor, pencil colors, and the more I watched, the more I got mesmerized by it all. I was in a trance, just in the zone of taking it all in, enjoying seeing their finished product, and in the back of my mind, I thought I could never produce such cute stuff. I also did not know just which alcohol pens to invest in, they can be quite pricy. So here is my tip, grab what you have on hand or get used to stuff and start coloring. the techniques for coloring are the same no matter what medium you use.

What I May Not Have Mention

I admit that it took me years to produce any type of finished product. I did not think it was worth buying stamps from companies like My Favorite Things and Art Impressions. Now I know that these stamps are well worth investing your money in: the quality of the stamp gives great stamped images, the actual images are so beautifully designed you really cannot find substitutes and the sentiments are wonderful.

The Ink pads from reputable companies like Ranger Ink, Stamping Up, My Favorite Things Stamps, Tim Holtz are worth purchasing. I did not say much about inks in this blog post but I did use a no-name brand ink on one of my lovely stamps and the stamping quality suffered! I know that this is going to be part of my crafting life and I am looking forward to stamping and learning from all these amazing people and companies.

Some Of My Favorite Tutorials

Here are links to some of my favorite tutorials to color a stamped image


Alcohol Markers

Pencil Color

Digital Stamps

Want to try printing an image to use as a stamp first?

While many line images can be printed and used as a stamp, below is a link to where you can download free digital stamps

Simply Cards and Paper Crafts

Make Your Own Stamp

Yep! you can make your own stamp. I have a Silhouette Mint which I love BUT I cannot use embossing liquid with it, or I have not yet figured out how to do this.

You can also make your own stamps by carving certain materials and if you have a Cricut, you can also did this.

You can also use any base material and hand carve a stamp. I did a google search and tons of ideas came up.

Have fun and thanks for reading!

10 minute craft Cards Children class Greeting Cards Kids Can Do Pop Up Cards

2 Easy Cards In under 10 minutes each

For those of you who know me, I try to help out with the local children’s class and provide the crafts. Although it can be a bit of work, it is always enjoyable. During COVID this activity went to nil. It gave me the opportunity to put lessons up on an online platform, with all the lovely activities in one place. These 2 easy cards are all about prayer and use a simple popup card template and a popular with the tracing of the child’s hand. Any child from 3 to 11 would be able to finish this in under 10 minutes.

Let us start with the very simple popup card. This is a template that you can print and cut out (subscribe below to request it) or if you want to join the mums teaching the children in your neighborhood, you can download for free from this site with access to the full lesson,

How to make the first easy card

This first easy card is a popup card.

The most time spent will be in cutting it out of the printed template. Assembly should take 5 minutes.

  • Download and print the template
  • cut out the base, there are 2 per page
  • cut out the cover
  • Print and cut out the prayer

When you are cutting out the pieces, the straight lines are cut lines and any dashed/dotted lines are to be folded. The folded lines are only on the card base in the middle.

Base for popup care and prayer
Cut out pieces for first easy card using the free template and a printed prayer

Once the pieces are cut out, take the base and push the partially cut middle out. This is the only tricky part if you are not familiar with popups. take a look at the photo below

Side view of popup card
Side view of popup card. So Easy when you get the hang of it!
front view of popup card
front view of popup card

The rest is easy! Glue the prayer onto the popup section.

Here is the finished card with a little bit of decoration

Easy Craft #2 is a prayer hand

This second easy to make card really is super simple. Trust me!

To make the prayer hand you will need 

  1. Cardstock  about 6 in x 11in or larger
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. printed prayer or quote
  5. Child

You can see the slide show here or enroll for free to access the entire class on Prayer Here

  • Fold the paper in half (your paper is now 6in x 5.5 in)
  • Place the child’s hand on the fold of the paper
  • Use a pencil to trace the hand. The fingers can be together or apart.
  • Try to get as much of the fold as part of the drawn hand as possible as this gives more space for the prayer to be stuck.
  • Cut out hand shape.
  • open and glue the prayer to the hand. You may need to trim the prayer if too large
  • Decorate

Photo Steps

Trim if too large

Tring exsess paper if there is overhang

The card is finished!

Well, that is it. Let me know if you made any of these easy cards or even both! The lesson on Prayer is available to anyone who wants it and if you don’t want to enroll for free, you can always request the PDF version with all the links to the video content that I have created.

Subscribe here

Free Greeting Cards Mini Album and Brag Books Paper

Best Template Folio #5

This template folio is for the first side of page five. It is the same length as the other folios: about 30 inches when opened all the way, but has more flaps AND the flaps are also larger in size. Each folio in the wedding album, although they look very similar are unique when folded up and decorated. As I mentioned in my previous post, the pages can be customized even further by adding or removing flaps, pockets and inserts.

To get this free custom page folio for 8inch x 8 inch brag book, subscribe and let me know you want folio 5 side one.

[wpforms id=”1223″ title=”false” description=”false”]

Other folio pages

  • Folio wedding album page 3
  • Folio wedding album page 4

Template For Folio 5

Folio 5 flaps closed
template is 30 inches long, flaps closed

If you are following my brag book from the beginning, you know that all of these custom designed pages are taken from my Halloween brag book (6.5 inch x 8.5 inch ) and will be used in an 8 inch x 8 inch wedding album. (see links below to Halloween pages.)

Are all the Brag Book pages looking alike to you?

Without the decorative paper, they all do look the same. As each page gets more personalized with inserts and tags they take on a personality of their own. I try to keep images themed to each page but in the case of the wedding album, I may not make the pages very different, The pocket of this template is made with a flourish from snapdragon snippets

Although I am using my images from Silhouette Design Store for these pages, there are many other places to get free designs. One that I use a lot for both fonts and designs is Creative Fabrica. my affiliate link if you decide to use, is here.

To see how I did this cutout pocket and do it yourself check out my post.

template folio 5 the pocket cut

Below are some links for you to browse , you will see that finished, each page has a different look and feel.

Template Folio 5 open all Flaps!

I truly think it is a beautiful thing to see a folio expand like this: from an 8 inch x 8 ince page to 30 inches long!

template Folio 5 with all flaps open

WOW! I love brag books!

Template accordion Page Side 2

For side 2, the template I am using has less bulk but delivers on space. Previously in my brag book, I used an accordion page but it was shorter , The accordion layout for page 5 side 2 is full sized.

Template accordion in position

template accordion page on page 5 side 2

All folded up, This layout still takes up less space as you can see in comparison to other pages underneath.

Template page top view

If you view from the top, this template unfolds like a fan and is made up of different sided pages.

template accordion page standing up
Template top view

When stretched out full length, this page is still almost 30 inches long, and both sides can hold photos if left as is or can hold other inserts like slotted page with tags, pockets, waterfall inserts etc. Note that if you add inserts to the pages, the bulk does increase.

template accordion page laid out flat
now that is long!

There are 4 pages (8 if you count both sides) that are ideal for photos, The 2 shorter strips can be sure for a sentiment or journaling. I am thinking that photobooth strip may fit very nicely here.

As I move on to page 6, I am maynot follow my Halloween page 6 so keep following my blog to get your hands on my extra special interactive custom pages!

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Celebrations Creating files Free Greeting Cards Mini Album and Brag Books Paper scrapbook silhouette design store Template

Grab the Free Folio Now

Folios are multi use pages that I love! and free files are dear to my heart so put them together: Free Folio can’t be beat! See my Halloween Folio. These folio pages can be used as mini albums, an interactive greeting card with photos, or as I am using them here in the wedding brag book.

To grab your free folio, subscribe below and tell me you want free folio page 4 side 1 or side 2. These will be generic and you can customized them yourself.

[wpforms id=”1223″ title=”false” description=”false”]

For page four I am using two different folio pages one for each side.

Although these folios are the same as my Halloween layout, they will look different as I customize the flaps and envelopes and also may rearrange the order the pages and flap attach to each other.

Free Folio Page 1

Both free Folios files available for page four have lots of flaps and pages and close like a book. When opened all the way the folio is an impressive 30 inches long!

Since nothing is stuck down, I may still rearrange the flaps and pages to be slightly different from the Halloween Folio. I will only know for sure when I start gluing it all down.

Customize Your Folio

I may add more pockets and tags but in the mean time, the customization done so far is :

  1. With the flap, I use a file from silhouette design store: snapdragon snippets is one of my favourite designers and I used one of her flourishes for the flap.
  2. On the pocket, I use a wedding cake I found on Google for free.The weld technique can be seen here

Free Folio side 2

Like Folio 1, Side two is about 30 inched opened up. Due to the bulk, I may move this page anywhere and swap the layouts with one of the first 3 pages to prevent the brag book becoming too bulky and hence unable to close.

Although this page for side 2 is the same size when opened up, there is slightly more space for photos due to the longer flap. If you wanted even more space,,you could make all the flaps long

Photos of Folio side 2

Again, this folio opened all the way out is huge and has a lot of space for photos and journaling.

More Customization for free folio possible

Seems hard to belief that you can add more to this layout but you will be surprised! In the Halloween layout, I used a slotted inset for tags and in this one I may use a file I have been working on that is super interactive! Pulling tabs that make stuff move gets my blood moving!

Keep following me and subscribe for your chance to get any of my files I make and post.

[wpforms id=”1223″ title=”false” description=”false”]

I am also going to sell the entire package soon if that is what you are looking for. Note that you can make your entire brag book with just one layout! does not have to be so many different pages like mine.

Keep crafting and I look forward to finishing pages 5 and 6 so that we can get to the really fun stuff of decorating it all.

Here is a quick look at some of my past pages that you can request the file for free when you subscribe.

  1. Page 1
  2. Page 2
  3. Page 3



Cards Greeting Cards silhouette design store

Wiper Card and KOKESHI CARDS

From the Silhouette Store by Valerie Foster Design ID #7183

Egads! What is a wiper card and WHAT on earth is a Kokeshi card?

Well, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I was pinning stuff on Pinterest and came across wiper cards tutorial on Youtube.  

I was intrigued! I love any paper projects that has movement in it and this one did.

Basic explanation

When you pull on the sides of the card, there is a piece that pops up. Take a look at the video for a way better feel of how neat this project is.

I looked at the video, made notes and created a digital file so that I can share this with you all. I did find the measurement (slightly different from the video) written out and pinned it to my board, so go take a look if you want to make this but need to cut it all out by hand.

So that takes care of the wiper card part.

What is a Kokeshi card?

The Kokeshi card are cute Japanese doll cards I got on The Silhouette Design Store and I used parts of them in this project.

The project parts

Here is a look at the pieces you will need. This is a mock up on my computer so the actual cardstock I used was blue.

The solid pink is the body of the card. The polka dots are decorative pieces and the grey is the wiper arm.

I cut my card out of  plain blue cardstock. So the two large “pink” pieces are in reality blue below and folded along score lines.

Assemble card

  • Base is cut out
  • Using the measurement given, cut out the white matting for the front and decorative pieces for the side panel mat
  • You can use your own measurements and decorate the front with any measurement of patterned paper you like, there is no one correct way.
This is a modified version of the decorative pieces
This shows the decorative pieces that are in the file
  • Once the front was decorated, I glued the wiper arm piece of the project to the inside of the front of the card.
  • My downloadable file below has a small score line to help line this up.
  • Once the pop up arm is lined up and glued down, attach the back piece so that the “Z” shaped folds are on opposite ends. (see photo at the top of the post with the blue card pieces)
  • Decorate with your choice of images. I will use my card as a “hello” card with the Japanese translation on the back “Konnichiwa”

Pulling the sides allow for the two dolls to disappear inside and pop up again.

As I mentioned, I used the dolls from  KOKESHI CARDS by Valerie Foster Design ID #7183 . This design is for 3 cards so head on over to The Silhouetted Design Store and grab the adorable dolls or any one of thousands of other images that can be used.

Thank you for reading and I hope you get to make this card. Subscribe to my blog as I will keep posing files and ideas.

[wpforms id=”1223″ title=”false” description=”false”]

The PDF file below is for the main body of the card. For decorative parts you can do whatever you like.

This link is for the SVG file to cut using Silhouette or Cricut

10 minute craft Baha'i Gift ideas Baha'i Holy Day Ideas Free Greeting Cards Template

Card for The Feast Of Mercy

Word Art

Here is a fun and easy craft using word art . Use the images as you like or follow the easy steps below to make a cute card. Or download my template.

This activity is easy and suitable for all age groups. All you need to do is print, cut, glue, decorate the images and then enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Let us jump in and get started!

Where to Use

You may wonder what to do with this card once the kids make them. Here is an idea: use this cards as a gift to give someone at the 19 Day Feast. Another idea to use the cards is to take them with you on a home visit.

If colouring is more your thing, then you might like my post for Feast of Mercy with a colouring activity.

This craft uses the following quote :

“O SON OF MAN! My majesty is My gift to thee, and My grandeur the token of My mercy unto thee. That which beseemeth Me none shall understand, nor can anyone recount. Verily, I have preserved it in My hidden storehouses and in the treasuries of My command, as a sign of My loving-kindness unto My servants and My mercy unto My people.”

You can choose any quote you like and use the website generators to produce lots of exciting activities like colouring pages and posters.

Resource Links

The online resources to generate these images and PDF are amazing with lots of other fun activities!s So continue reading below to find out more.

Spirals makes me dizzy!

This Spiral word art is from the site Festisite . This site allows you to make stuff , like logo maker, word cloud , posters, traffic signs and more.

The image above is the spiral image we will use to make the card but get creative and use it as you choose.

For instance, show the letter “M” for “Mercy” and have the kids look for and circle all the “M’s” in this spiral.

I “HEART” this

The next image is a word cloud using the quote “O Sone of Man” from above. To make a word cloud yourself, visit the site Festisite, Typing your quote, and its is that simple.

word cloud using the quote above

Flowing waves

The wave image below, uses the same quote as the other images above , and is available as a PDF. The word search puzzle on the other hand is from another site called Discovery Education

Wave formation from Festisite using the quote O Sone Of Man

Some people and kids don’t like to make stuff but may enjoy a puzzle like the word search below. Again this is easy to make using the link for Discovery Education, so give it a try.

Who loves word searches?

pdf word search
this is the PDF of the words each using the quote O Son Of Man…

Now for the fun part: let us make a card. To do this follow the simple steps below.

The easier Card

  • Print the images you want to use : size them to 4″ x 6″ ,
  • cut the images out
  • fold a 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock in half, this is the card base.
  • Glue your image to the front and decorate as you choose.

The EASY Template Card

  • Print the template (see below)
  • cut everything out.
  • fold the card base in a “Z” shape: see photo below)
  • The template has 2 coloured “base “pieces these glue to the front and back of the swing section.
  • Glue or stick the image you cut out to the card.this can be on the front or back of the swing section
  • Decorate the other side of the swinging section
  • The front of the card can be decorated with ribbon, paper, stickers…whatever you have on hand.

Two Template to Download

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Cards Celebrations Events Greeting Cards Kids Can Do Paper Pop Up Cards Service project Template


My popup card was made by the children when they went to deliver gifts of old blankets to the animal shelter.

This is an easy card to put together: if you are not using a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo or Cricut, it will take a little bit longer to cut the pieces… but not a HUGE amount of time, as the pieces are big.

Here is what you need if you are going to make the card

  • 2 colour Card stock for the card
  • Scrap pink cardstock
  • Scrap red cardstock
  • 1 colour for cat head, and body
  • 1 colour cardstock for tag
  • pen
  • glue.

Cut out the pieces

  • Download the link to my template below and print out. You can use as is and cut the images out out use the image to cut your own colour choices.
  • the two card bases are cut from 2 different colours. I used pink on the outside and grey on the inside
  • Cut the body and head of the cat out of one colour cardstock
  • Cut the nose out of pink cardstock and Tongue out of red cardstock
  • cut the tag pieces out.
cat body and head, nose and mouth as well as the first inside card base

Glue it all

  • Use the smaller card base and glue the back of the cat with tail onto the top of the card, glue the paws down to the bottom of the card.( right close to the centre line where the card folds. Glue the middle of the cat on to the cat a little way down from the tail.
  • Next add the nose and mouth to the head of the cat.
  • glue to the head to the front of the cat .
  • Glue all to the body of the cat.
  • next write your message on the blank tag provided or print the tag with the quote of kindness to animals.
  • I used dimensional foam tape to attache two tags and then glued to front of card.
  • Glue the inner card with cat inside the larger outer card

Hope you card turns out fabulous!

Here is the link to the template to cut and use your own colours or print with my colours.

10 minute craft Cards Celebrations Free Greeting Cards Kids Can Do Paper Pop Up Cards Template

Pop up Tulip Card for Mum

Tulips can be use for a Mothers Day card or Spring or get well card: It’s a pretty generic image.

The pop up card we will make today is from my Pinterest board that I saved as it looked so easy to do.

And, it is very easy! My template took less that 10 minutes to cut: that included changing paper colour and reloading the mat. It took me about 5 minutes to glue everything together.

If you have a Silhouette or a Cricut machine, you can use my free template to cut everything you need for this card (SVG, STUDIO 3 Files included) . There is also little tag to cut out and put on the front of the card if you like.

Don’t own a Silhouette or Cricut Machine? No worries, I have included my pdf version for you to print.

Steps to make the Pop up card

  • First of all cut all the pieces needed: the inner card base that has the cut in the middle, the outer card to use as a cover and the flower and leaves parts.
  • Next you need to fold 2 of the flowers in half and glue them on to the third flower at a slight angle. the top of the flower looks like a “W”
  • now glue the flower onto the pop up strip
  • attach the leaves
  • Line up the edges of the inner card with the outer card and apply glue.
  • Write your sentiment or print the one I have included.

Download the template here