Grade 2 contains twenty-one lessons, divided into seven sets. ( Three lessons each set)

Each of the 7 sets, addresses some aspect of the habits and patterns of conduct that are a manifestation of the inner qualities addressed in Grade 1.

The themes of the 7 sets are

  1. Maintaining a prayerful attitude
  2. Adhering to the laws of God
  3. Seeking knowledge
  4. Living in harmony with others
  5. Being a good friend
  6. Devoting one’s life to service
  7. Engaging in consultation

Each lesson consists of:

  1. Prayer
  2. Songs
  3. Quote
  4. Story 
  5. Games/ Drama
  6. Crafts/ Activities /lapbook
  7. Resources

Not every lesson has resources, and if they do, they will be found under the RESOURCES section.

For each lesson, select the image to open the page.
Additional Resources

There are many websites used to curate these lesson plans here are a few

The Ruhi Institute Songs

The Ruhi Institute Coloring Sheets

Brilliant Star Magazine


Stories for Children Class

Mine Rich In Gems

Bahai Ideas PowerPoint lessons

Rebekah’s resources

Supporting The Core Activities


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