Lessons for Grade 4 can be found on the free online site with many craft ideas, games, and stories compiled from various sources.

Note: The developers of this platform have moved their server and my site is experiencing issues with the downloadable content. I am re-posting as much as I can, as fast as I can, and will move most of it to my blog shortly. If you need a lesson that is not yet reposted, message me and I will prioritize.


If this is your first time using this platform, here are some of the ways it can be useful to you or your community:

Teachers log in, and share their screen either in person or via the internet with students.

Use it to download material for your class

Give every parent the site URL to login and download material for a class ahead of time

Use all the sections, or choose what you want to use.

Grade 4 contains sixteen lessons, divided into 4 sets.

These lessons build on the previous lesson where the children learn about some of the Divine Educators that have guided humanity down the ages, every one of Whom foretold the advent of a supreme Manifestation of God who would establish peace and harmony on earth.

In Grade 4 the children turn their attending from the age of promise to the long-awaited age of fulfillment and to the incomparable figure of Bahá’u’lláh, His life, and Mission.

Each lesson consists of:

  1. Prayer
  2. Quote
  3. Definition of words in the quote
  4. Music 
  5. Crafts/ Activities 
  6. Games
  7. Stories
NOTE that some of the crafts for each set of lessons will be towards developing a lap book. You do not have to put them in a lapbook but I find that this keeps all the learning organized neatly. I will post more on how Lapbooks work.

Each lesson may have many variations to the lesson plan, these are under RESOURCES together with information from Brilliant Star magazine, Dayspring magazine, and other sites.

To navigate from one section to another,  click complete and continue at the top right of the screen and the next section will be accessible.

 There are many websites used to curate these lesson plans here are a few


The Ruhi Institute

Rebekah’s resources

Children Class resources


All Quotes As Postcards

All Review Quotes

Prayer Memorization Aid:

Set 1 Lessons 1 to 4

Set 2 Lessons 5 to 8

Set 3 Lessons 9 to 12

Set 4 Lessons 13 to 16

4 Grade Lesson 1
Grade 4 Lesson 2
Grade 4 Lesson 3
Grade 4 Lesson 4
Grade 4 Lesson5
Grade 4 Lesson 6
Grade 4 Lesson 7
Grade 4 Lesson 8

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