Building A Vibrant Community

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog where my focus is on raising our children to be active participants in building their communities and being a citizen of the world.

Ruhi Book Grades 1 to 4. Click on each image to view all the lessons

Click to go to all grade 2 lessons


3 responses to “Building A Vibrant Community”

  1. Sheila Avatar

    Hi, I do love your Nine Pointed Star . Can I buy that for a colouring project? Its so beautiful

  2. Ming Yin Avatar
    Ming Yin

    Hi thanks for putting these amazing resources together! I was wondering if you could put up the lesson for Krishna for Lesson 6 for G3 as it is now showing the class on Muhammad so there is a duplication for both Lesson 6 and Lesson 10. Thank you for your service!! Allah’u’abha and much love from New Zealand, Ming

    1. Carolyn Avatar

      Hi Ming, Thank you for your feedback and for catching the missing lesson for Krishna. I fixed it and saw that a few lessons had the lesson replaced with the template for Muhammad, so really appreciate the heads up. If you find any other mistakes or omissions I hope you will let me know.
      Many thanks

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