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Find The Source Of Courage Now! Lesson 17 Grade 1

Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage


  • What is Courage?
  • How are we Courage?
  • Why should we practice the virtue of Courage?
  • When do we practice the virtue of Courage? 


L9G1 Prayer
Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage

From lessons 17 to 24 we will be memorizing a new prayer and of course, each lesson will have a new quote.

Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

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Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage


To have courage means to stand for what is right even if we are the only ones who do so, to defend those who need our help even if it causes us discomfort, and to tell the truth even when we know it may lead to difficulties for us. It takes courage to face hardships in life with calm and grace. We draw courage from our love of God and our desire to please Him above all others. To help us remember that we should face every situation in life with courage, let us memorize the following quotation:

The source of courage and power is the promotion of the Word of God, and steadfastness in His Love.

Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh Revealed After the Kitáb-i-Aqdas

Meaning Of Words


  1. Kyongmi lives in a village in a valley. The melting snow from the top of nearby mountains provides water to the village. The source of the village’s water is snow from the mountaintops.
  2. Mrs. Putters has three loving and well-behaved children. Her children are a source of joy and happiness to her.


  1. Two of Shoa’s friends started an argument and became angry with each other. Shoa helped each to see the other’s point of view and make peace. Shoa always promotes peace and understanding among his friends.
  2. A nurse visits the classroom to teach the children about foods that are good for their health. The nurse promotes healthy eating.


  1. Promilla knew that she wanted to be a doctor. She always studied hard in school, and after many years of difficult work, she achieved her goal. She was steadfast in her efforts to become a doctor.
  2. Zvondai went to a very remote village to help open a new school. Although he missed his family and faced many difficulties, he showed steadfastness and stayed in the village for many years, training teachers and working with children.

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Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage
Source of Courage
The Source of Courage
Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage

Story About Courage

‘Alí-‘Askar was a merchant in Persia. When he became a Bahá’í, he experienced much hardship at the hands of those who opposed the Faith. Within a short span of time, he had lost all he had. Even so, ‘Alí-‘Askar was not dispirited. Seeing that he would not be able to make a living in his homeland, he decided to move to Adrianople, a city in a neighboring country.

In Adrianople, though he still had little, he managed to acquire a small amount of merchandise. Before he was able to sell a single item, however, he was attacked by thieves who took everything he had in his possession, leaving him with nothing once again.

Not long after, the thieves were arrested, and the great fortune they had acquired from robbing many people was seized. One of the local authorities, dazzled by the riches, came up with an idea to keep the fortune for himself. He called ‘Alí-‘Askar to his office and explained.

“‘Alí-‘Askar,” he said, “these thieves are very rich. In my report to the government, I wrote that the amount robbed from you was great. Therefore you must attend the trial and testify that what I have written is true.” This way, the official thought, all of the money would be returned to ‘Alí-‘Askar, and the two would split it between themselves.

‘Alí-‘Askar knew that he could never go along with such a plan. “Your Honor, Khán,” he replied, “the goods stolen from me amounted to very little. How can I report something that is not true? When they question me, I will give the facts exactly as they are. I consider this my duty, and only this.”

The official tried again to convince ‘Alí-‘Askar. “We have a golden opportunity here,” the official said. “You and I can both profit by it. Don’t let such a once-in-a-lifetime chance slip through your fingers!”

But ‘Alí-‘Askar again refused, saying, “Khán, how would I answer to God? Let me be. I shall tell the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Now the official became angry. If ‘Alí-‘Askar did not go along with his scheme, all his planning would come to naught, and he would lose the great fortune now within his grasp. And so he began to threaten ‘Alí-‘Askar, hoping he could frighten him

into cooperating. “I will jail you,” he said. “I will have you banished; there is not a torment I will spare you.” Then he told ‘Alí-‘Askar that, if he did not agree, he would send him back to Persia.

‘Alí-‘Askar only smiled. “Jináb-i-Khán,” he said, “do with me as you please; I will not turn my back on what is right.”

Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage

Yes Or No

Begin the game by asking the children to form a wide circle, with you in the center. Now explain to the children that you are going to make several statements. Some of them will be correct; others will be incorrect. Tell them that, if the statement is correct, they should shout out “yes” and hop towards the center of the circle. If it is incorrect, they should shout out “no” and hop backward.

All the statements you make should be based on things the children can readily observe. Examples of “yes” statements are as follows: “The sun gives off light.” “Trees grow from seeds.” “Mountains are tall.” You could also make statements that describe what the children are wearing, like “Sera is wearing a blue shirt,” or what they see in the space around them, like “There are two benches over there.”

A few examples of “no” statements are: “Rain falls upward.” “Fish fly.” “Stones walk on feet.” Again, you could draw on your surroundings to make incorrect statements. Remember that you should have more correct statements than incorrect ones so that, by the end of the game, the children reach you at the center of the circle.

Lesson 17 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 Courage

Superhero Mask

Download the template and decorate your mask

Hero Mask

Make a Badge of Courage

A badge is easy to make, cut some circles large and small out of paper, or felt, etc. Layer, add ribbon, and write COURAGE on it. Still not sure? Check out this blog here to make one.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Lots of free Courage crafts and activities. This one is the cup of courage.

Courage Token

This one is a cute ” COURAGE TOKEN” made from clay and stamped

10 minute craft Children class Free Kids Can Do Paper Template

Cute, Quick And Easy To Make Cleanliness Craft

My Virtues class for kindergarten online has 16 virtue lessons. These are free classes that can be presented from the online platform or used in any fashion you like. The first lesson is about cleanliness. This is the cleanliness that is spiritual, physical (body and actions), and mental (their thoughts). Each lesson consists of prayers, quotes, songs, stories, games and crafts. For each of my virtues class, I will post some of the crafts (PDF Version) on this blog and if anyone needs the actual cut file I can arrange

Just a quick note: some of the crafts are based on the stories for each lesson. If you would like to view the entire class, you can register for free and access all the material from this link

Craft one: A cute craft to pull the card and see the germs fall off on one side, the clean hands pass through the water on the other. The video is here

Step One: Print

The PDF to download is very simple. Print out the craft. I recommend card stock but you can also print on regular printer paper. There are 2 pages, one with a faucet (tap) and water running, the second is the hands and germs.

Page one for Virtue of Cleanliness craft

Step 2: Cut out the pieces

Cut the solid lines as marked. For page one, it is the red lines along the edge of the water as seen in the image above.

Next cut out the rectangle with the hands. Make sure include the portion with “PULL” writen on it.

Next cut out the individual “germs”

This craft is found in many Youtube videos so it is not my original idea but all the images and components of this craft are mine.

Germs with hands to wash for Cleanliness Virtue craft

Step 3: Assemble

Thread the rectangle through the slots on page one. The video shows the finished craft.

Scatter the germs on the left side and have the child pull the rectangle through the water. Watch all the nasty germs fall off! You can also use the rectangle as a template to cut out a blank piece. this can then be used to trace the child’s hand.

To download this PDF download from here or sign in to the platform to access all the other crafts here

Oh, If you would like to view the craft on Prayer we made prayer beads from paper: Go here

Keep Crafting


Just Us Crafting

10 minute craft Cards Children class Greeting Cards Kids Can Do Pop Up Cards

2 Easy Cards In under 10 minutes each

For those of you who know me, I try to help out with the local children’s class and provide the crafts. Although it can be a bit of work, it is always enjoyable. During COVID this activity went to nil. It gave me the opportunity to put lessons up on an online platform, with all the lovely activities in one place. These 2 easy cards are all about prayer and use a simple popup card template and a popular with the tracing of the child’s hand. Any child from 3 to 11 would be able to finish this in under 10 minutes.

Let us start with the very simple popup card. This is a template that you can print and cut out (subscribe below to request it) or if you want to join the mums teaching the children in your neighborhood, you can download for free from this site with access to the full lesson,

How to make the first easy card

This first easy card is a popup card.

The most time spent will be in cutting it out of the printed template. Assembly should take 5 minutes.

  • Download and print the template
  • cut out the base, there are 2 per page
  • cut out the cover
  • Print and cut out the prayer

When you are cutting out the pieces, the straight lines are cut lines and any dashed/dotted lines are to be folded. The folded lines are only on the card base in the middle.

Base for popup care and prayer
Cut out pieces for first easy card using the free template and a printed prayer

Once the pieces are cut out, take the base and push the partially cut middle out. This is the only tricky part if you are not familiar with popups. take a look at the photo below

Side view of popup card
Side view of popup card. So Easy when you get the hang of it!
front view of popup card
front view of popup card

The rest is easy! Glue the prayer onto the popup section.

Here is the finished card with a little bit of decoration

Easy Craft #2 is a prayer hand

This second easy to make card really is super simple. Trust me!

To make the prayer hand you will need 

  1. Cardstock  about 6 in x 11in or larger
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. printed prayer or quote
  5. Child

You can see the slide show here or enroll for free to access the entire class on Prayer Here

  • Fold the paper in half (your paper is now 6in x 5.5 in)
  • Place the child’s hand on the fold of the paper
  • Use a pencil to trace the hand. The fingers can be together or apart.
  • Try to get as much of the fold as part of the drawn hand as possible as this gives more space for the prayer to be stuck.
  • Cut out hand shape.
  • open and glue the prayer to the hand. You may need to trim the prayer if too large
  • Decorate

Photo Steps

Trim if too large

Tring exsess paper if there is overhang

The card is finished!

Well, that is it. Let me know if you made any of these easy cards or even both! The lesson on Prayer is available to anyone who wants it and if you don’t want to enroll for free, you can always request the PDF version with all the links to the video content that I have created.

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10 minute craft

Easy Easter Puppets Craft for kids

3 Easter puppets for kids

Stick Puppets Supplies

  1. Craft papers different colours
  2. Craft sticks
  3. Glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Black marker
  6. Scissors

Steps to make puppets

NOTE: The templates can be used the following manner:

  1. Cut out the finished image and glue to popsicle stick
  2. cut out individual pieces and use as a template to trace and cut out. the template can be kept and reused
  3. cut out the individual pieces and use them as the pieces to assemble.

The instructions below are for using the printable as a template.

Step 1 Get Ready

  1. Before you start, collect all the supplies you’ll need for this craft.
  2. Be sure you have the template printed out and then cut out each one.
  3. Let your kids be involved in the process from choosing the paper to cutting and gluing if capable.

Step 2 Egg Puppet

  1. Trace the Egg onto white or any colour paper you choose , 
  2. Cut out the dot pieces from various coloured paper: you can use wrapping paper, napkins, magazines…any pretty paper you have on hand.
  3. Glue dots to egg
  4. Glue finished egg to popsicle stick
  5. Done!

Step 3 Bunny Puppet

  1. Trace the Bunny  onto white paper 
  2. Trace the feet on to brown paper and cut out
  3. Trace the pads of the paws on pink paper and cut out
  4. Trace and cut out heart
  5. Assemble the foot pieces
  6. Trace the inner ear on to pink paper 
  7. Glue the ears on bunny
  8. Glue the assembled paw parts on bunny
  9. cut out face pieces from black paper
  10. Glue the face pieces on bunny
  11. Glue finished bunny  to a popsicle stick
  12. Done!

Step 4 Basket Puppet

  1. Trace the basket  onto brown paper
  2. Cut out the eggs pieces from various coloured and patterned paper: you can use wrapping paper, napkins, magazines…any pretty paper you have on hand.
  3. Glue eggs to basket
  4. Glue finished basket and eggs to popsicle stick
  5. Done!
Easter basket for kids

Easter  puppet template


We hope you enjoy putting together your Easter stick puppet craft. Toddlers and preschoolers will have so much fun with this Easter craft – perfect for your favourite Easter storybook. 
Just Us Crafting
10 minute craft Kids Can Do Paper

Easy Craft Supplies While Self Isolating – Super Simple

Crafting is a great way to spend quality time with those you love while self isolating. 

 We want to keep occupied and happy. 

What should you have on hand to craft: the minimum requirements.

So here is a list of our most essential craft supplies so you can stock up and be ready to start making stuff! (use Michaels online  or Walmart to safely pick up orders )

Most common craft items


Printer paper

Cardstock Different colours

Markers Paints and/ or Crayons

Glue and Tape (double sided is awesome)

Popsicle sticks

Pom poms


Wool and String

Ruler and pencil

Craft Knife and Scissors

Sometimes Used


googly eyes


Acetate sheets

Hole punch

Glue gun

Great if you have them


Embossing machine and folder

Cutting machine line Cricut Maker and Silhouette Cameo

Household items to Save 

*make sure these items are clean before you save them!


Plastic containers

Clear plastic lids

Toilet paper rolls


Fancy Paper like wrapping paper , magazines and napkins

Once you are all stocked up, here are some of our favorite crafts to help get you started! You can always visit our craft page and search for something else! 

I also Pin lots of stuff on  so take a look and follow me there ! 

We love to see photos of your crafts! Please share them on our social media and follow us Facebook, Instagram or through our Contact Us page!

Have fun crafting


10 minute craft Creating files Free Paper Silhouette Tutorial Template

7 Steps for Custom Pocket

For my brag books I use templated pockets, tags, pages etc. and customized them for each brag book that I make. The customization can be from welding images to adding embellishments or even just decorative paper.

In this post I will show you step by step how to customize a flap or pocket that involves cropping and welding to give a lovely cut out effect. This technique can be used with any item and design element.

Step 1 Item to customize

Once you know what you want to customize, make sure you have resized it to fit your project. There are so many uses for this technique that it is difficult to list them all. I am going to use a narrow pocket and a flower image that can be inserted in a brag book. Your project could be part of a greeting card, scrapbook layout, wall hanging, sign, stencil and more.

Step 2 Design or font to be used

I use designs I create myself as well as designs and fonts from places like Silhouette Design Store, Creative Fabrica (my affiliate link), designs from Google search, Pixabay and more. As mentioned, I am using a flower image.

Some important thing to consider are:

  • Make sure that your font/design is not too delicate as it may rip easily
  • If you font or design is thin, use an offset of about .005 to make it easier to cut.
  • If the design or font is too intricate or small as it may rip while cutting, try to use simpler larger designs
  • Look for smooth curves vs sharp angles

Step 3 Arrange your file

Arrange your items in Silhouette Studio so that you are happy with the finished size of the project. If there are multiple layers like score line, ungroup all layers first.

Step 4 Cut out a space

Next you need to cut into the narrow pocket. To do so you need a size cut out of the pocket that allows your design of the flower to fit in to the space but have a little over lap. I am using a circle to cut out the space I need and it is a tiny bit smaller than the flower design.

Step 5 Subtract

Next, position the circle so that it is in the middle of the pocket. I am using only half of the circle to cut into my pocket as seen in the photo below. Once you are happy with the look of the cutout section, use the subtract feature.

Step 6 Weld

Position the image (flower) in the space created and once you are happy with the result, choose WELD feature.

Step 7 Finish up

Notice that the image of the pocket has no score lines (dashed line) that is because once you use the weld feature, it brings the result to the front. To correct this, send the image (pocket) to the back so that score lines are visible

10 minute craft Free Kids Can Do Template

Courage: Childrens Class Idea

We had a children class this past weekend and the theme was Courage. After doing a quick search online I came up with a few ideas. Feel free to download the 2 printable colouring pages and the template to make the courage badge.

First the Colouring page with a quote on Courage set inside a mandala. This I created using my Silhouette cameo software .

Quote on Courage in a mandala
Quote on Courage to colour

The second colouring page is around the concept of being a hero. When we talk about being a hero, we speak about the courage to be different, to stand up for what is just and so on.

Colour in the hero
colour in the shapes

This page has figures I cut out so the kids can choose the “hero” to represent them, and a “Heromobile” of their choice.

The last activity and by far the favorite was to make badge to reward courage. For this I used red felt , a safety pin, various sparkling paper cut into a circle and star, and a tag with courage on it.

For the colouring pages and badge see below and please Subscribe.

[wpforms id=”1223″ title=”false” description=”false”]

10 minute craft Baha'i Holy Day Ideas Kids Can Do Paper Template

Feast of Words/Kalimat

“The Word of God hath set the heart of the world afire; how regrettable if ye fail to be enkindled with its flame!”

Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh … – Bahá’í Reference Library

Welcome to the resource for the Feast of Words. First a few suggestions on activities that are not craft related:

Play a word game using simple words the child can recognize such as : “We”, “Are”, “Baha’i”, “love” etc.

Cut out blank cards or use index cards and write simple words on them . A word game like go fish can be an activity to play or just use the cards as flash cards.

Craft: make the card (template  below) to give to someone at feast 

This is the coloured version that can be used on a card or to frame:For the children, this is a very simple activity that takes 5 to 15 minutes.This craft uses cotton balls for the clouds, Sparkles if you want to add to the sky or cloud or the Greatest Name, and the template picture to colour in. 

Time: 5 minutes.

What you need:

  • Template
  • Cotton wool 
  • glue ,crayons, markers or paint
  • glitter


  • Colour in parts or the entire picture with crayons, markers or paint.
  • Glue cotton to the clouds.
  • Apply glue to areas you want sparkles on and apply sparkles.
  • Shake off extra.
  • enjoy

Here is my example…took 5 minutes. I used only paint and sparkles.

Feast of Mercy

Hope you have fun: template is below

10 minute craft Baha'i Gift ideas Baha'i Holy Day Ideas Free Greeting Cards Template

Card for The Feast Of Mercy

Word Art

Here is a fun and easy craft using word art . Use the images as you like or follow the easy steps below to make a cute card. Or download my template.

This activity is easy and suitable for all age groups. All you need to do is print, cut, glue, decorate the images and then enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Let us jump in and get started!

Where to Use

You may wonder what to do with this card once the kids make them. Here is an idea: use this cards as a gift to give someone at the 19 Day Feast. Another idea to use the cards is to take them with you on a home visit.

If colouring is more your thing, then you might like my post for Feast of Mercy with a colouring activity.

This craft uses the following quote :

“O SON OF MAN! My majesty is My gift to thee, and My grandeur the token of My mercy unto thee. That which beseemeth Me none shall understand, nor can anyone recount. Verily, I have preserved it in My hidden storehouses and in the treasuries of My command, as a sign of My loving-kindness unto My servants and My mercy unto My people.”

You can choose any quote you like and use the website generators to produce lots of exciting activities like colouring pages and posters.

Resource Links

The online resources to generate these images and PDF are amazing with lots of other fun activities!s So continue reading below to find out more.

Spirals makes me dizzy!

This Spiral word art is from the site Festisite . This site allows you to make stuff , like logo maker, word cloud , posters, traffic signs and more.

The image above is the spiral image we will use to make the card but get creative and use it as you choose.

For instance, show the letter “M” for “Mercy” and have the kids look for and circle all the “M’s” in this spiral.

I “HEART” this

The next image is a word cloud using the quote “O Sone of Man” from above. To make a word cloud yourself, visit the site Festisite, Typing your quote, and its is that simple.

word cloud using the quote above

Flowing waves

The wave image below, uses the same quote as the other images above , and is available as a PDF. The word search puzzle on the other hand is from another site called Discovery Education

Wave formation from Festisite using the quote O Sone Of Man

Some people and kids don’t like to make stuff but may enjoy a puzzle like the word search below. Again this is easy to make using the link for Discovery Education, so give it a try.

Who loves word searches?

pdf word search
this is the PDF of the words each using the quote O Son Of Man…

Now for the fun part: let us make a card. To do this follow the simple steps below.

The easier Card

  • Print the images you want to use : size them to 4″ x 6″ ,
  • cut the images out
  • fold a 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock in half, this is the card base.
  • Glue your image to the front and decorate as you choose.

The EASY Template Card

  • Print the template (see below)
  • cut everything out.
  • fold the card base in a “Z” shape: see photo below)
  • The template has 2 coloured “base “pieces these glue to the front and back of the swing section.
  • Glue or stick the image you cut out to the card.this can be on the front or back of the swing section
  • Decorate the other side of the swinging section
  • The front of the card can be decorated with ribbon, paper, stickers…whatever you have on hand.

Two Template to Download

Join my list to get more free items!

10 minute craft Celebrations Free Kids Can Do Paper Template

Feast Of Mercy/Rahmat

“Out of the heaven of Thy mercy and the clouds of Thy tender compassion, what will gladden the hearts of Thy servants, who have turned towards Thee and helped Thy Cause.”

Welcome to the resource for the Feast of Mercy. This Feast month we have a simple exert from the writings and a simple craft that can be done by any child.

This is the coloured version that can be used on a card or to frame:

This is a quote for the Feast Of Mercy and some images to help children remember.

For the children, this is a very simple activity that takes 5 to 15 minutes.This craft uses cotton balls for the clouds, Sparkles if you want to add to the sky or cloud or the Greatest Name, and the template picture to colour in.  

Time: 5 minutes

What you need

  • Template to download (see below)
  • Cotton wool 
  • glue
  • crayons, markers or paint
  • glitter


  1. . Colour in parts or the entire picture with crayons, markers or paint
  2. Glue cotton ob for clouds.
  3. Apply glue to areas you want sparkles and apply sparkles.
  4. Shake off extra.
  5. ENJOY

Here is mine example…took 5 minutes. I used only paint and sparkles.

Feast of Mercy/Rahmat
Quote and picture painted and decorated