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  • The Significance of Bahá’u’lláh’s Declaration of His Mission GRADE 4 LESSON 7

    Introducing The Principal Theme Welcome to Lesson 7 Grade 4 In this class, we will begin to understand Baha’u’llah’s Station by looking at  His power to transform souls.   We already know that the Manifestations of God manifest all of God’s names and attributes to humankind.  One of the attributes is His infinite love for every human…

  • A 10 minute Craft for Ridván

    A 10 minute Craft for Ridván

    This is simple craft that you can print for Ridván for kids of all ages to do. This particular craft was put together at the Burlington children class. The Parts This is a small display of the Garden Of Ridván that consists of: The tent of Baha’u’llah A banner a “Happy Ridván” tag flowers Some…

  • Shadow Box Template

    Shadow Box Template

    A template to download to make a shadow box card

  • Update on Baha’i Inspired Journal

    Update on Baha’i Inspired Journal

    If you are following my journey as I collaborate on creating a journal that is inspired by a Baha’i way of life then here is the latest update. The journal is now ready for download but not yet for print. the downloadable version will include: Months March to Dec 2019 and Jan to March 2020.…

  • Paper cutting in 10 minutes

    Paper cutting in 10 minutes

    Beautiful paper cutouts add a unique touch to cards and wall hangings. Create your own beautiful cutout with my template design

  • Bahá’i inspired Journal

    Bahá’i inspired Journal

    Love journaling but can’t seem to find a great Baha’i Journal? We are developing a Baha’i Inspired Journal just for you! Yep! Here is how it happened: a few of us on a Facebook group page got talking about the lack of a good Bahá’i journal and Lo and Behold a collaboration was born! We…