2 Easy Cards In under 10 minutes each

For those of you who know me, I try to help out with the local children’s class and provide the crafts. Although it can be a bit of work, it is always enjoyable. During COVID this activity went to nil. It gave me the opportunity to put lessons up on an online platform, with all the lovely activities in one place. These 2 easy cards are all about prayer and use a simple popup card template and a popular with the tracing of the child’s hand. Any child from 3 to 11 would be able to finish this in under 10 minutes.

Let us start with the very simple popup card. This is a template that you can print and cut out (subscribe below to request it) or if you want to join the mums teaching the children in your neighborhood, you can download for free from this site with access to the full lesson,

How to make the first easy card

This first easy card is a popup card.

The most time spent will be in cutting it out of the printed template. Assembly should take 5 minutes.

  • Download and print the template
  • cut out the base, there are 2 per page
  • cut out the cover
  • Print and cut out the prayer

When you are cutting out the pieces, the straight lines are cut lines and any dashed/dotted lines are to be folded. The folded lines are only on the card base in the middle.

Base for popup care and prayer
Cut out pieces for first easy card using the free template and a printed prayer

Once the pieces are cut out, take the base and push the partially cut middle out. This is the only tricky part if you are not familiar with popups. take a look at the photo below

Side view of popup card
Side view of popup card. So Easy when you get the hang of it!
front view of popup card
front view of popup card

The rest is easy! Glue the prayer onto the popup section.

Here is the finished card with a little bit of decoration

Easy Craft #2 is a prayer hand

This second easy to make card really is super simple. Trust me!

To make the prayer hand you will need 

  1. Cardstock  about 6 in x 11in or larger
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. printed prayer or quote
  5. Child

You can see the slide show here or enroll for free to access the entire class on Prayer Here

  • Fold the paper in half (your paper is now 6in x 5.5 in)
  • Place the child’s hand on the fold of the paper
  • Use a pencil to trace the hand. The fingers can be together or apart.
  • Try to get as much of the fold as part of the drawn hand as possible as this gives more space for the prayer to be stuck.
  • Cut out hand shape.
  • open and glue the prayer to the hand. You may need to trim the prayer if too large
  • Decorate

Photo Steps

Trim if too large

Tring exsess paper if there is overhang

The card is finished!

Well, that is it. Let me know if you made any of these easy cards or even both! The lesson on Prayer is available to anyone who wants it and if you don’t want to enroll for free, you can always request the PDF version with all the links to the video content that I have created.

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