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  • Weld Images in Silhouette Studio

    Weld Images in Silhouette Studio

    Before I continue to page 4 of the Brag book, I want to show the simple steps to weld an images with the pocket files I made. If you would like any of the files I create, then subscribe below and send me a message with the file you would like! I had a few…

  • Brag Book 101: Page 3

    Brag Book 101: Page 3

    For this page, I wanted to be a bit more creative but not sure if this is a good idea…let me explain why: Paper. Yes. Paper… It takes way too much paper to mat all the pages and inserts. I am thinking I will not have enough to finish my 6 pages! BUT… I still ended up…

  • Brag Book 101: Base Page

    Brag Book 101: Base Page

    Size of page The base page I am using is a 6.5 in x 8.5 inch page that will be attached to the spine of a handmade book measuring 7 in x 9 in. This template page is easily resize to fit any brag book. The base page will be open along both long sides.…

  • Brag book 101: Page 2

    Brag book 101: Page 2

    Since my last post, I have been busy with real life :job and family but finally got to put this post for page 2. Well, here I am and page two is ready. In the first page I used zombie hands, gates, tombstone tags and a skeleton. This page is all about haunted houses. To…

  • Making The first page of Brag book 101

    After seeing all the beautiful projects on YouTube I really wanted to start building my pages, it is so exciting! Well, I needed to decide what my base page would look like. I decided to go with the “sleeve” page…this is made to two pieces of paper glued on the short ends and the long open…

  • Working on the Brag book Cover

    Working on the Brag book Cover

    Scared yet? I have to say that this step took a long time for me to begin as I was feeling out of my comfort zone and just not certain if this cover will be what I wanted. Take it from me, now that I have done the cover…no need to freak out! Follow my…

  • Feast of Words/Kalimat

    Feast of Words/Kalimat

    “The Word of God hath set the heart of the world afire; how regrettable if ye fail to be enkindled with its flame!” Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh … – Bahá’í Reference Library Welcome to the resource for the Feast of Words. First a few suggestions on activities that are not craft related: Play…

  • Card for The Feast Of Mercy

    Word Art Here is a fun and easy craft using word art . Use the images as you like or follow the easy steps below to make a cute card. Or download my template. This activity is easy and suitable for all age groups. All you need to do is print, cut, glue, decorate the…

  • Feast Of Mercy/Rahmat

    Feast Of Mercy/Rahmat

    “Out of the heaven of Thy mercy and the clouds of Thy tender compassion, what will gladden the hearts of Thy servants, who have turned towards Thee and helped Thy Cause.” Welcome to the resource for the Feast of Mercy. This Feast month we have a simple exert from the writings and a simple craft that…


    My popup card was made by the children when they went to deliver gifts of old blankets to the animal shelter. This is an easy card to put together: if you are not using a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo or Cricut, it will take a little bit longer to cut the pieces… but not…

  • Pop up Tulip Card for Mum

    Pop up Tulip Card for Mum

    Tulips can be use for a Mothers Day card or Spring or get well card: It’s a pretty generic image. The pop up card we will make today is from my Pinterest board that I saved as it looked so easy to do. And, it is very easy! My template took less that 10 minutes…

  • Pinterest tries: Mothers day card #2

    Pinterest tries: Mothers day card #2

    I love to Pin stuff on Pinterest and I have many boards dedicated to paper crafts, templates, cards, journal ideas, mini scrapbooks, brag books and more. Some of the pins are my own and lots of them are just suff I find that I love but never seem to do more with these pin than…

  • Easy Craft for Kids: Mothers Day Card

    Easy Craft for Kids: Mothers Day Card

    Mothers day is fast approaching and I know some of you amazing dads want to help the kids make a gorgeous card for mum. Or Maybe you are just amazing parents and want to make a card with the kids for a grandparent. I am going to use Pinterest as my best friend and resources…

  • A 10 minute Craft for Ridván

    A 10 minute Craft for Ridván

    This is simple craft that you can print for Ridván for kids of all ages to do. This particular craft was put together at the Burlington children class. The Parts This is a small display of the Garden Of Ridván that consists of: The tent of Baha’u’llah A banner a “Happy Ridván” tag flowers Some…

  • Shadow box card in 10 min

    Shadow box card in 10 min

    Have you seen those awesome shadowbox cards that are 3 dimensional and look like an artist, graphic designer and engineer must have collaborated to make it? Also You can buy these cards for $2.99 and more but why would you when you can make your own? If you have not see theses cards then you…

  • Shadow Box Template

    Shadow Box Template

    A template to download to make a shadow box card

  • Bahá’i inspired Journal

    Bahá’i inspired Journal

    Love journaling but can’t seem to find a great Baha’i Journal? We are developing a Baha’i Inspired Journal just for you! Yep! Here is how it happened: a few of us on a Facebook group page got talking about the lack of a good Bahá’i journal and Lo and Behold a collaboration was born! We…

  • DIY easy craft  in 10 minutes: Kids can help!

    DIY easy craft in 10 minutes: Kids can help!

    Beautiful gift that kids can help with finished in under 10 minutes

  • Easy steps to make  A Twist and Pop Card

    Easy steps to make A Twist and Pop Card

    Make a Twist and Pop card in under 15 minutes