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Cute, Quick And Easy To Make Cleanliness Craft

My Virtues class for kindergarten online has 16 virtue lessons. These are free classes that can be presented from the online platform or used in any fashion you like. The first lesson is about cleanliness. This is the cleanliness that is spiritual, physical (body and actions), and mental (their thoughts). Each lesson consists of prayers, quotes, songs, stories, games and crafts. For each of my virtues class, I will post some of the crafts (PDF Version) on this blog and if anyone needs the actual cut file I can arrange

Just a quick note: some of the crafts are based on the stories for each lesson. If you would like to view the entire class, you can register for free and access all the material from this link

Craft one: A cute craft to pull the card and see the germs fall off on one side, the clean hands pass through the water on the other. The video is here

Step One: Print

The PDF to download is very simple. Print out the craft. I recommend card stock but you can also print on regular printer paper. There are 2 pages, one with a faucet (tap) and water running, the second is the hands and germs.

Page one for Virtue of Cleanliness craft

Step 2: Cut out the pieces

Cut the solid lines as marked. For page one, it is the red lines along the edge of the water as seen in the image above.

Next cut out the rectangle with the hands. Make sure include the portion with “PULL” writen on it.

Next cut out the individual “germs”

This craft is found in many Youtube videos so it is not my original idea but all the images and components of this craft are mine.

Germs with hands to wash for Cleanliness Virtue craft

Step 3: Assemble

Thread the rectangle through the slots on page one. The video shows the finished craft.

Scatter the germs on the left side and have the child pull the rectangle through the water. Watch all the nasty germs fall off! You can also use the rectangle as a template to cut out a blank piece. this can then be used to trace the child’s hand.

To download this PDF download from here or sign in to the platform to access all the other crafts here

Oh, If you would like to view the craft on Prayer we made prayer beads from paper: Go here

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