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Courage: Childrens Class Idea

We had a children class this past weekend and the theme was Courage. After doing a quick search online I came up with a few ideas. Feel free to download the 2 printable colouring pages and the template to make the courage badge.

First the Colouring page with a quote on Courage set inside a mandala. This I created using my Silhouette cameo software .

Quote on Courage in a mandala
Quote on Courage to colour

The second colouring page is around the concept of being a hero. When we talk about being a hero, we speak about the courage to be different, to stand up for what is just and so on.

Colour in the hero
colour in the shapes

This page has figures I cut out so the kids can choose the “hero” to represent them, and a “Heromobile” of their choice.

The last activity and by far the favorite was to make badge to reward courage. For this I used red felt , a safety pin, various sparkling paper cut into a circle and star, and a tag with courage on it.

For the colouring pages and badge see below and please Subscribe.

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