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  • Too Big? Guilty Me!

    Too Big? Guilty Me!

    Is my Brag Book page 3 and 4 now too big? This will always a concern and issue for me as I love to have interactive pages that pop , twist and fold and that adds bulk to the brag book. The paper clips are taking up some space but really and truly if I…

  • Yes! 123-Easy Layout Change

    Yes! 123-Easy Layout Change

    All the Matting is cut for both sides of small, medium and large flaps as well as for both envelopes.

  • Customize A Page Fast And Ease

    Customize A Page Fast And Ease

    Template pages can be unique each time with custom paper and embellishments.

  • Best Template Folio #5

    Best Template Folio #5

    Pocket page for my best template folio #5

  • Wedding Album Brag Book that is Easy to Assemble:Page 2

    Wedding Album Brag Book that is Easy to Assemble:Page 2

    Assembling page 2 of the wedding album brag book

  • Inside Cover and Page One

    Inside Cover and Page One

    Inside cover The inside of the cover will be a simple gatefold opening to allow for a photo or wedding invitation to be displayed.It does not look like anything much now but I hope a cute closure (ribbon or magnets) and paper will make it look really good. Page One Side 1 Like the Halloween…

  • Wedding Album/Brag book

    Wedding Album/Brag book

    Using Digital files created for my Halloween Brag book for my Wedding Album

  • Brag Book 101: Page 3

    Brag Book 101: Page 3

    For this page, I wanted to be a bit more creative but not sure if this is a good idea…let me explain why: Paper. Yes. Paper… It takes way too much paper to mat all the pages and inserts. I am thinking I will not have enough to finish my 6 pages! BUT… I still ended up…

  • Brag book 101: Page 2

    Brag book 101: Page 2

    Since my last post, I have been busy with real life :job and family but finally got to put this post for page 2. Well, here I am and page two is ready. In the first page I used zombie hands, gates, tombstone tags and a skeleton. This page is all about haunted houses. To…

  • Making The first page of Brag book 101

    After seeing all the beautiful projects on YouTube I really wanted to start building my pages, it is so exciting! Well, I needed to decide what my base page would look like. I decided to go with the “sleeve” page…this is made to two piecesĀ of paper glued on the short ends and the long open…

  • Working on the Brag book Cover

    Working on the Brag book Cover

    Scared yet? I have to say that this step took a long time for me to begin as I was feeling out of my comfort zone and just not certain if this cover will be what I wanted. Take it from me, now that I have done the cover…no need to freak out! Follow my…

  • What Size should it be?

    What Size should it be?

    What is Too small or Too big? What is the ideal size for a brag book? In some of the tutorials I viewed, the brag book was closer to a mini album than a brag book. Which brings me to another question I had as I sorted through the mass of material online: what separates…

  • Making Of A Brag Book

    Making Of A Brag Book

    At last, I have started the process of creating a brag book from scratch. I must admit that this has been a prolonged process because of how I do things: My Thinking Process I need to look at as many examples as possible, Collect the ideas and then sort through them Choose my favourite.  A bit…