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Free and useful resources For Ruhi Grade 3 Lesson 1

Baha’i Children’s class grade 3 (and kindergarten to grade 4) has been up and running on my course content platform free to anyone, all you need is to create an account and use it. For Grade 3, it has taken me a while to add the free downloadable resources for each of the lesson plans suggested in the Ruhi book. Just a note, while putting these lessons up, I used the curriculum from the Ruhi material, material found on other websites, lessons from the Australian Peace Pack, and Brilliant star magazine. The material I am adding is mainly developed by me or ideas found on other websites and modified. In my post today, I will share some of the new content that I have so far. This content is not on any other Baha’i children site (yet) but you are most welcome to upload it to your site (please give the credit and link to this blog) To access all the material developed so far: visit the registration page where all my Ruhi book 3 children’s class material are hosted. To make your own unique resources check out my post on how I create my resources

Lesson Design

Grade 3 contains SIXTEEN  lessons, divided into THREE sets. The themes of the 3 sets are listed below, include three lessons.

  1. The Fundamental Concepts Related to the Manifestations of God
  2. The Lives and Missions of the Manifestations of God Who appeared before the Báb and Baha’u’llah
  3. The Life and Mission of the Báb 

Each lesson is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Prayer
  2. Music
  3. Quote
  4. Stories
  5. Games / Narrative 
  6. Crafts/ Activities 
  7. Review of quotes from Grade 2
  8. Resources


The prayer section contains the prayers to be memorized and any video content that may be available, as well any as memorization aids. I also created postcards that can be emailed or printed and sent to friends in your neighborhood, or far away to say “Hi, thinking of you” Download the free postcard on the Children’s Class site, or from my Google drive here


For memorization of the quote, each lesson has a worksheet to fill in the definitions of any words the student is not sure of, this is a great way to build a personal dictionary of words and keep them in the class notebook or lapbook. By the way, I WILL be going back and adding material to compile lapbooks! I speak about lapbooks on the class platform and have some up for Grade 2. Although I am very excited about lapbooks as a learning resource, it is time-consuming to develop. This free worksheet can be download here.


The story section for Grade 3 typically has more than one story to choose from. In every lesson there are 2 documents that can be used with any story, one allows for the drawing of the main events and the other leans towards a written summary. Each lesson has different resources from a video of the story, slideshow of the story to questions specific to that story. We are always looking for resources, so feel free to reach out to us here on this blog. Below is the storyboard for drawing the main sequence of events.

Games and Narration

This section takes one of the stories and gives suggestions on how to act it out, or just how to tell the story with props. Sometimes, I put the props in a PDf as pictures and other times, it’s up to the teacher to gather the props. If you like, any of the interactive games used in grade 2 can be substituted.

Craft and activity

Creating new crafts and activities not available on any other Baha’i children’s class site is something I love to try. Its not always possible and I do add what I know and find. There are some sites that have great paid content and some are free. Twinkl is a Canadian site with Baha’i content that has some free as well as paid content. I use the Australian Peace Pack, and Brilliant Star magazine for many of the lessons and also Dayspring Magazine for a few.

Review Quote

This section is where a quote from grade 2 is reviewed. The document below has the quote, (It has 2 front pages, the original is in cursive, I left it in the document and added the easier-to-read quote.) The third page is to fill in the blank and the last page is the answer page.

Quote to review from Grade 2 Children’s class
fill-in-the-blank quote review
Fill in the blank template used for Ruhi book 3 Children's class
Answer to the fill-in-the-blanks for Quote review

Thank you for reading I hope that some of these free downloadable resources make your class more interesting and the information easier for the students to assimilate. Visit our platform to access all the free downloadable goodies.

Soon you all soon.


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Lovely! My only hang up is that children can’t read script ( cursive) for the most part. I can adapt! Lovely, wonderful, meritorious contribution, thank you,

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