Brag Book 101: Page 6

At Last, At Last! The Last  Page!

Or is it “Alas Alas” ??? I think I just did not want it to end the creative zone I was in.

Coming up with the layout for each side of the page, refining my research and making the file; I just loved the process so much.

It is time to finish up the collection of blog posts and I hope to post my wedding album version soon. I have already decided to make some modifications to the file from this brag book and will share those with you also.

If you would like to review my process making the brag book here are the links

How I Chose the size of the Brag Book


Page Template

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4 side 1 and Page 4 side 2

Page 5

The last of the six pages.

Paper is running low and Micheals does not have this paper collection in stock.

My solution: I used the gold and silver cardstock that I sprinkled throughout the book and VERY heavily on this last page. I also wanted to add some surprise elements and this page got two.

Page 6, Side 1.

The “Halloween” is cut from gold vinyl and is a file from Miss Kate Cuttables on The Silhouette Design Store that I purchased. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out as I was a little worried it would not cut properly being so delicate.

The photos.

With the folio open from right to left:

  • there is a narrow pocket insert ,
  • then a centre page with 2 flaps closed
  • on the left is a twist and pop card feature that I love.
  • Under the twist and pop feature is a pocket for journalling cards The twist and pop card feature was a fun addition to this page to make and I love the additional interactive dimension it gives. Here is how to make a Twist and Pop Card.

The photo below is the middle section further opened with each flap having a place for a photo or journalling.

Page 6, Side 2

My paper is running low and I am also concerned about the bulk of the album. Will it stay closed? will the pages open correctly?

The Photos

The “BOO” is from Michales: a very lucky find from previous year after Halloween day sale! This page 6 side one is a folio style layout

When opened the right hand side has a double slider card. The “Trick or Treat” quote cut out of vinyl is from the Silhouette Design Store from the artist Megan Hardy Designs

Difficult to photograph this page, but next to the double slider card is a page with pocket insert and a flap. The pocket can hold 3 tags.

tags taken out of pocket

With the flap down, you can see a bit clearer the pocket with tag. and the flap with a pocket on the side.

Flap down with a pocket on the left edge

I am working on the case for this Brag book. Saw something I love so until the next post: subscribe below and tell me which file you would like as i have templates for 99% of what I used.


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