Still thinking about my cat everyday missing him lots! I have so many crafts to post that are all cat themed , I hope I get to share them all with you!

This craft is best suited for older kids and adults.

The project took me about an hour to complete and I gave the finished product to my daughter for her earbuds: she loved it.

So this cat organizer is made from felt or scrap material. I used 2 colours: white and pink. You can used any colour you choose.

The template that I started with had too many pieces so I made my own and you can download and use it as you choose. My template has two version of the cat to choose from that are slightly different but you only need to cut one version.


  • 2 colours felt or scrap material
  • needle and thread
  • batting or scrap material to fill shape.
  • magnet or closure of your choice.


  • once you choose a version of the cat you like, cut out 2 pieces
cat body cut out.
  • stitch right side facing. In my case there was no right or wrong side.
  • Start stitching from one leg going up to the ears and around.
    leave a space so that you can turn the cat inside out. I use a chopstick to help push the little arms and ear out.
  • You can stitch in the eyes and nose at this point .I did my stitching in the next step. Make sure not to sew both pieces together.
Cat body stuffed with scrap material
cat body turned inside out and stuffed
  • stuff the cat and close the opening.
    attach the tongue piece and add a closing mechanism like a clip or hook. I used a magnet but it is not necessary.
    Sow pink triangles onto ears.
  • stitch in the eyes if you have not already done so.
cat with eyes stitched and tongue attached
almost done.

Wrap your cord around this cutie for safe keeping.

The finished cat is purrrrrfect for wrapping your earbuds around and keeping safe. My daughter is always misplacing heres so I hope this little guy can keep them safe for her

Cat cord organizer
Cat Cord Organizer

Download the template here


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