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  • Happy Is The Faithful One Lesson 22 Grade 1

    Faithfulness What is Faithfulness? How are we Faithful? Why should we practice the virtue of Faithfulness? When do we practice the virtue of Faithfulness?  VISIT MORE LESSONS HERE In the next 3 lessons, we will memorize the prayer “O Thou kind Lord! I am a little child…” “O Thou kind Lord! I am a little…

  • Feast of Words/Kalimat

    Feast of Words/Kalimat

    “The Word of God hath set the heart of the world afire; how regrettable if ye fail to be enkindled with its flame!” Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh … – Bahá’í Reference Library Welcome to the resource for the Feast of Words. First a few suggestions on activities that are not craft related: Play…


    My popup card was made by the children when they went to deliver gifts of old blankets to the animal shelter. This is an easy card to put together: if you are not using a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo or Cricut, it will take a little bit longer to cut the pieces… but not…

  • Easy steps to make  A Twist and Pop Card

    Easy steps to make A Twist and Pop Card

    Make a Twist and Pop card in under 15 minutes