page to left opens again to the left.

Extra Large and Long Page 4

Hey! not only is this page 4 as long as the other folios: about 34 inches long when expanded, but it also took me a long time to get back to cutting the matting for this page. Again, I think I need to make a new cover and spine as this book will not close! The folio below shows all the pages with large photo mats. you can add more pockets if you did not want so many spots for large photos.

To find all my Extra long pages start here: Page 2

To request any of the pages in SVG format send me a message.

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Long Page 4

Again, this page 4 is a folio page that when fully opened is about 34 inches long. I did not open the flaps for this post as I am still rethinking the arrangement and bulk that these large folio pages add to my brag book.

Once I know where I am placing the magnets , I will take photos from start to finish: how satisfying that will be for me!

The photo below is the page fully closed up. The closure is from the paper pad I am using and will have a backing and magnet when finished so that the folio is held closed in the book.

long page for Folio 4 side 2

Long Page Starting To Be Visible

I really love paper and how it just folds, expands and become a 3d object. For this long page 4 , the narrow panel will open to the right.

narrow flap open to right
Extra Large and Long Page 4 starts to open

Folio Expands

The larger space could be used for a photo.

I think I will put some decorative cutting or a quote on this large space as a photo may get scratched on the front page .

This page and every other page in this folio will open to the left. What you are seeing below are two flaps (gold paper) that will open upwards and below are two large pages for photos.

I did not open the flaps for this post but will have finished photos on my last post for the finished product.

left page flips open left
Longer and longer

Large Photo Mats Continue

The page to the left, opens again to the left.

page on left open to the left again
Almost open all the way

The large gold page is a full sized flap that opens up and has space below the flap and on the page below for large photos.We are almost to the end of the opening of this folio.

What Do You think?

page to left opens again to the left.
Extra Large and Long Page 4 open all the way

Well, what do you think? It is an Extra Large and Long Page 4? The last page showing to the left has a pocket. Don’t forget that the back of these pages where seen before each page opened and will hold quote, journaling and photos also.

Yeah! on to the last two pages and then i will put all the magnets in, stick everything down and decide if to redo the cover and spine.

Join me in making the brag book! Subscribe, grab a file for free and make your own

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  1. Looking forward to reading more. Great post. Really Great. Minetta Windham Caitlin

    1. Carolyn Avatar

      Thank you for your lovely comment, I will finally be posting the “finished” brag book page photos.

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