Month: August 2019


    Still thinking about my cat everyday missing him lots! I have so many crafts to post that are all cat themed , I hope I get to share them all with you! This craft is best suited for older kids and adults. The project took me about an hour to complete and I gave the…

  • Brag Book 101 Page 5

    Brag Book 101 Page 5

    Last few pages. Getting to the last few pages and I am wondering if I will need to redo the spine and make it larger? In my research, a number of crafters recommended building the cover and spine last as sometimes the pages take on a life of their own. I totally understand this now…

  • Folio Page 4 :Best Brag Book

    Folio Page 4 :Best Brag Book

    Folio page that is flexible in use and makes a beautiful gift as an album or greeting card.

  • Brag Book 101 Page 4

    Brag Book 101 Page 4

    Upwards and Onwards as they say! Page 4 side 1 is complete and I found an owner for it! One of my friends LOVES Halloween is having a  BIG Birthday so … instant gift! For page 4,  I am using 2-page inset files that I created for my Etsy store and Fiverr . These inserts fold up like folios…

  • Weld Images in Silhouette Studio

    Weld Images in Silhouette Studio

    Before I continue to page 4 of the Brag book, I want to show the simple steps to weld an images with the pocket files I made. If you would like any of the files I create, then subscribe below and send me a message with the file you would like! I had a few…

  • Brag Book 101: Page 3

    Brag Book 101: Page 3

    For this page, I wanted to be a bit more creative but not sure if this is a good idea…let me explain why: Paper. Yes. Paper… It takes way too much paper to mat all the pages and inserts. I am thinking I will not have enough to finish my 6 pages! BUT… I still ended up…

  • Brag Book 101: Base Page

    Brag Book 101: Base Page

    Size of page The base page I am using is a 6.5 in x 8.5 inch page that will be attached to the spine of a handmade book measuring 7 in x 9 in. This template page is easily resize to fit any brag book. The base page will be open along both long sides.…

  • Brag book 101: Page 2

    Brag book 101: Page 2

    Since my last post, I have been busy with real life :job and family but finally got to put this post for page 2. Well, here I am and page two is ready. In the first page I used zombie hands, gates, tombstone tags and a skeleton. This page is all about haunted houses. To…