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Truthfulness Is The Foundation Lesson 4 Grade 1

Lesson 4 Ruhi book 3 Children’s class lesson.

Lesson 4 Grade 1 Ruhi Bk 3 Truthfulness

The lesson this week is about Truthfulness

What is Truthfulness?

  • What is Truthfulness 
  • How do we know we are being truthful?
  • Why should we practice the virtue of Truthfulness?
  • When do we practice the virtue of Truthfulness?

As we learn about Truthfulness, memorize the quote, listen to the songs and stories, let us try to think about how we can practice Truthfulness.

For lessons 4 to 8, the Prayer to memorize is “O Thou kind Lord! I am a little child”. We will continue practicing the ones we already know.

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Say prayers and memorize



Lesson 4 PRAYER O Thou Kind Lord I am a Child
Lesson 4 song


Truthfulness is brighter than the light of the sun

Lesson 4 Quote “Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues.


Meaning of Words in this Quote:


Lily dropped a glass and broke it. When her mother asked her what had happened, she told her the truth and did not lie. Lily showed the virtue of truthfulness.

A friend wanted to play outside with Debra but Debra knew she should not because of the COVID-19 Virus. her mother made her promise not to play outside. Debra told her friend she could not play outside even though she really wanted to. Debra was obedient and truthful.


Before you learn to read and write you have to know the sounds of the letters. Learning the sounds of the letters is a foundation for learning to read and write.

Did you know that your house needs to be built with a good foundation? If the foundation of the house is not strong, the entire house may fall down.

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Aubre is friendly, kind, and joyful. Aubre possesses many virtues.

Our teacher tells us about fairness, generosity, kindness, and honesty. These are some of the virtues everyone should have.

Send A Postcard

Every lesson online has the quote or prayer in a postcard layout that can be printed to mail to a friend or neighbor. 

Lesson 4 postcard on Truthfulness

The Empty Pot

Watch On Youtube

GAME SUGGESTION: Broken Telephone

Sit in a circle and the teacher whispers a message into the ear, “I try to be truthful.” When the last person receives the message, they tell everyone what they heard.  We then introduce truthfulness and to always check their understanding before accepting things as truth.  Can also talk about talking directly to a person rather than spreading things through backbiting- story changes!

Virtues House

Note that the picture of the house of virtues is missing the title VIRTUE HOUSE – you can write this if you like.

Also, this was glued down by one of the kids. The virtues can be stuck under the roof and the roof stuck only on the top so that it opens like a flap the foundation should be glued so the word foundation is on top. As you can see, it does not really matter as long as the kids enjoy it!

Download the PDF to print, cut out and glue.

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