Sincerity Ruhi BK 3 Grade 1 Lesson 8

Lesson 8 Grade 1 Ruhi Bk 3 Sincerity

Lesson 8 this week is about Sincerity

  • What is Sincerity?
  • How do we know we are being Sincere (Real or Fake)?
  • Why should we practice the virtue of Sincerity?
  • When do we practice the virtue of Sincerity?

As we learn about Sincerity, memorize quote, and listen to songs, and stories, let us try to think about how we can practice Sincerity every day.

Prayer Heading Ruhi Book 3 grade 1
Say prayers and memorize

For lessons 4 to 8, the Prayer to memorize is

“O God, guide me, protect me, make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star. Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful.”

Prayer 2 L 5-8 O God Guide me prayer
Lesson 8 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 PRAYER O God, guide me, protect me
Lesson 8 Grade 1 Ruhi book 3 SONG

Yes I Believe You

Quote heading Grade 1 Ruhi bk 3

Lesson 8 Quote

We should at all times manifest our truthfulness and sincerity.


Meaning Of Words


Asha cleaned the mud off the seashell that he found at the beach and polished it until it was smooth and shiny. When he was finished, the shell’s true beauty became manifest.
As the sun rose and the morning fog lifted, the splendor of the mountains became manifest.


Leo’s classmates often play games instead of studying. Leo is worried that they will not do well in school, so he suggests that they all study together and tries to think of ways that they can help each other learn. Leo’s concern for his classmates is sincere.

Rosa promised her mother that she would do her homework every day. When her parents are away, Rosa diligently works on her homework assignments. Rose was sincere in her promise.

Send A Postcard

Every lesson has a quote or prayer in a postcard layout that can be printed to mail to a friend or neighbor. 

Grade 1 Lesson 8 Quote for Sincerity
Story heading Grade 1 Ruhi bk 3
LESSON 8 Grade 1 Ruhi Book 3 STORY

When introducing today’s story, you may wish to explain to the children that, sometimes, we can better understand what it means to possess a quality by listening to a story that shows when it is lacking.

For many years a large tree stood behind a house that belonged to a husband and wife with several children. As the tree grew, its branches reached up and out, shading the back of the family’s home. One winter morning, the father was passing under a tree when he met a neighbour. They spoke briefly of the comings and goings in the village. After a while, the neighbour, taking notice of the large tree, said to the man, “You know, it really is time for you to cut that enormous tree down. It is sprawling and unruly. What if one of the branches were to break off and fall onto your roof—or worse yet, hit one of your children while they play in the shade?” When the two had parted, the man considered his neighbour’s advice. The tree had stood in this place since before he could remember, and no harm had come of it. It gave good shade in the summer and shielded the house from the bitter winds of winter. It seemed sturdy and strong. “Still, perhaps my neighbour has a point,” the man said to himself. “Appearances can sometimes be deceiving. What if the tree is not as sturdy as it seems?” And so he decided to cut it down.

It was a difficult job, for the tree was very big, indeed, and had many limbs and branches, some of them quite high. Just as the man finished, his neighbour returned, this time accompanied by his two sons and a cart. “I see you decided to take down the tree,” the neighbour said, looking at the many stacks of wood. “I suppose you’ll need someone to take those piles away. Perhaps we can help you. I have brought my cart and my two sons, and we will be happy to remove all this from your yard.” Without waiting for an answer, the sons began loading the wood into the waiting cart. As they pulled away, the man sat down on the stump of the tree that had sheltered his home for so long. It was then that he realized that his neighbour had not been concerned for his family’s safety after all, but for the supply of firewood that would keep him warm through the winter months. “Appearances can, indeed, sometimes be deceiving,” he said with a sigh.

Game heading Grade 1 Ruhi bk 3
Grade 1 Lesson 8 Ruhi Book 3 Sincerity


Begin by instructing one of the children to leave the room or to go some distance from the area where the class is being held. The others hide a small object e.g. pencil, and the child is asked to come back into the classroom and find that small object.  The others help by clapping louder and louder/saying warm/warmer as the child comes closer to the object, and clapping more quietly or saying colder/cold as the child moves away.  The children should be careful not to mislead the friend who is searching for the hidden object; otherwise, he or she will lose trust in the others, and the game will be futile.

Craft heading Grade 1 Ruhi bk 3
Grade 1 Lesson 8 Ruhi Book 3 Sincerity

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