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  • The Nature Of Prayer Grade 2 Set 1 Lesson 1

    The Nature Of Prayer: Abdu’l-Baha tells us that prayer is a “conversation with God”.  We already mentioned that when we pray, we speak to God.  When we love another, our greatest wish is to be close to the one we love and to express the love he feels.

  • the incomparable figure of Bahá’u’lláh GRADE 4 LESSON 1

    Introducing The Principal Theme Welcome to the first set of lessons for Grade 4. These lessons seek to expand our understanding that, in the incomparable figure of Bahá’u’lláh, God has revealed to humanity His greatest Name, the All-Glorious. It is amazing to be alive at this moment in history, in this promised Day of God, when He…

  • Purity Of Heart Ruhi BK 3 Grade 1 Lesson 1

    Discussion: A Pure Kindly & Radiant Heart How Do You Practice it?You practice kindness by noticing when someone or something needs care.  You have become sensitive to the world around you.  Use your imagination to think of things that give others happiness – your parents, your friends, your teachers, your brothers and sisters, and even…

  • Baha’i Faith And Practicing The Virtues Of Cleanliness

    Baha’i Faith And Practicing The Virtues Of Cleanliness

    Cleanliness is more than physical cleanliness, it is also keeping our thoughts, and hearts (spirit) pure.

  • Download Resources Free Grade 3 Children’s Class

    Download Resources Free Grade 3 Children’s Class

    Grades 1 to 4 all have free downloads available. If you have any to share, please let me know and I will add if possible. All the lessons on the blog are from the Ruhi Book 3 curriculum, some materials are from other websites, and resources such as The Australian Peace Pack, and Brilliant Star…