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The Rose Of Love: Lesson 3 Grade 1

Lesson 3 Grade 1 Ruhi Bk 3 Love

The lesson this week is about Love

What is Love?

  • Who shows Love? 
  • How do we know we are showing LOVE?
  • How do we know when someone/ God  LOVES us?
  • Why should we practice the virtue of Love?
  • Why does God Show us, Love?
  • When do we practice the virtue of Love?
  • When does God show us, love?
  • When you are loving, how does it make others feel?
  • How does it feel without love?


As we learn about love and memorize the quote this week, listen to the songs and stories, and let us try to think about how love can help build world peace!

We will continue to memorize the prayer “O God Guide Me..”

The quote this week is “O friend in the garden of thy heart….”

Science Experiment 1


  1. Clear drinking glass filled with 1 cup of water
  2. 1 fresh egg
  3. 1/4 cup salt
  4. Tablespoon
  5. Permanent felt-tip marker


  1. Draw a face on one side of the egg with the permanent felt-tip marker. 
  2. Carefully place the egg in the glass of water and observe that it sinks to the bottom. 
  3. Explain that the egg represents someone who is not receiving love or acceptance from those around them.  Sinking to the bottom represents how someone who is not loved.
  4. Remove the egg from the water with the spoon, and set it aside. 
  5. One tablespoon at a time, add salt to the water.  As you stir in each spoonful, explain that the salt represents different ways to make someone feel loved and accepted. 
  6. Name an act of love with each spoonful of salt with examples that are relevant to the child’s life, such as offering to each lunch with a new child at school, bringing cookies to a new family in the neighborhood, helping someone who has fallen off her bike, sharing a special toy with a friend. 
  7. Have the children come up with ideas that are acts of loving kindness. 
  8. After you have added all the salt, replace the egg to show how it is now supported with “love” and “held up” by the encouragement and acceptance of others.

Science Experiment 2

“Science” activity that illustrates the virtue of Love

A Spoonful of Sugar from 10-Minute Life Lesson for Kids by Miiller, p101

Group size:     2 or more

Ages:               4 and older

Materials Needed:

  1. A bowl of water, a white soup bowl works well
  2. Pepper
  3. Bar or small sliver of soap or liquid dish soap
  4. Sugar
  5. Small teaspoon for pouring in the sugar

The discussion in the paragraphs below is very important.  The children want to get right to the “experiment” but they need to relate it to the lesson.  Don’t skimp on the explanation!  Before giving each child their materials, the teacher can explain and demonstrate, as described below.  Then allow each child, one by one with their own bowl, to see the pepper scattered, touch the soap to the center of the bowl (and remind the child what the soap represents unkind words or actions), let the child take a taste of the sugar, then pour the sugar slowly in a thin stream in the center of the bowl, again reminding them what the sugar represents.

Sprinkle pepper liberally on the water.  Tell the children that the pepper represents the people around her — her friends, brothers and sisters, parents and teachers.  You can name names, and talk about how she interacts with those people in real live.  Discuss the fact that how we get along with those people is largely determined by how we treat them and speak to them.  Words can be very powerful tools, either for good or for bad, and it is important to learn positive and kind ways of speaking to our friends.  If the children are old enough, talk with them about the meaning of the saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will break my heart.”

Now talk about an example of someone who does not use kind words when speaking to others.  Tell the children that the bar of soap represents negative, harsh language.  Have the child touch the soap to the center of the water.  The soap will repel the pepper and will cause it to be dispersed to the sides of the bowl.  Make the comparison that when we speak unkindly to others, they will not want to be around us, and will want to scatter.

Take a teaspoon of sugar, and pour the sugar in a thin stream from the spoon into the center of the water, comparing the sugar to the sweetness of kind and thoughtful words.  The pepper will be drawn into the sugar.  Talk about how being loving toward other people usually causes them to be drawn to us, and makes them want to be our friends.

Science Experiment 3


  1. Balloon
  2. Bits of foil
  3. Bits of glitter
  4. Bits of sand
  1. Blow up the balloon
  2. Rub on your sleeve to create static electricity
  3. Demonstrate how the balloon attracts glitter, pieces of foil, sand etc. 


What happens?

What is attracted?

What do we learn from this?

Say prayers and memorize


Suggested Prayer:

O my Lord!  Make Thy beauty to be my food, and Thy presence my drink, and Thy pleasure my hope, and praise of Thee my action, and remembrance of Thee my companion, and the power of Thy sovereignty my succorer, and Thy habitation my home, and my dwelling-place the seat Thou hast sanctified from the limitations imposed upon them who are shut out as by a veil from Thee. Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, the Most Powerful. – Bahá’u’lláh


Listen and view on YOUTUBE

Los Nice Guys:

Memorization aid: IMAGES HERE

O, FRIEND! In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love, and from the nightingale of affection and desire loosen not thy hold. Treasure the companionship of the righteous and eschew all fellowship with the ungodly.



Meaning of Words in this Quote:


Memorization aid 

Spiritual Cookies #3 meaning of words

Send A Postcard

Every lesson online has a quote or prayer in a postcard layout that can be printed to mail to a friend or neighbor. Here is the one for this lesson.


The Samovar

TAKEN FROM: The Australian Peace Pack Book 2 page 40. Craft is also available.

Bahíyyih and her brother Abdu’l-Bahá did everything they could to help their mother with the hard work of looking after the household. Although she was now only seven years old, Bahíyyih would stand for hours at the side of the well, pulling up heavy buckets of water with a thick rope, which hurt her fingers.

One day, a lady came to visit the family, and Bahíyyih made her welcome. Although her arms were not very strong, Bahíyyih carried a samovar upstairs to the room where the family and their guest were sitting. Then, when the water boiled, she made the tea and served it in tiny, crystal glasses.

Later, when the guest had left, Bahá’u’lláh smiled at His little daughter. He said that the lady had become Bahá’i because of Bahíyyih service at the samovar!








A game called “The Bridge” follows the story.  Using benches, boards, bricks, or tiles, make a line on the ground called “the bridge”.  Two groups of children have to cross the bridge at the same time, going in opposite directions, without letting anyone fall off the bridge.  The children have to help each other change places, passing each other one by one.

The Love Game for Kids

This template and instructions came from the site making life Enjoy.

Alternative Game

Love, List & Listen Game 
Using a timer have each child tell the group as many things as they can that they love in 15-20 seconds. 

After everyone has had a turn to share their love go around and ask how many things the group can remember what each one said. 

Don’t tell the children ahead of time that you’ll be going back to ask them what they remember from their friends lists. 

This is a great way for the kids to learn more about each other.

Based On The Story

Make a teapot card and insert a tea bag to give to a friend. Download here


Cut the Samovar image out and make a card to send with a tea bag


This website has a video and instructions to make salt dough hearts.

Make this ahead of class

Download the PDF to print the quote for the back or inside the heart.


Pop Up Card

Download the template to make a pop-up card. this template can be modified and used for any quote in the Grade 1 lesson

Paper Rose

Download template here

Make A Paper Rose

  1. Cut out the template for rose and leaves
  2. Grab the outer end of the spiral and roll it up towards the middle.(roll around your finger or pencil)
  3. Use some glue/hot glue to attach the two leaves to the bottom
  4. make a few and glue in a heart shape on a piece of paper.

Make a heart-woven basket

Template and instructions here

Make a rose from a piece of felt and a pipe cleaner or straw

The website with explanation here

Heart Garden

On a heart-shaped material: paper, felt, etc, glue on flowers. These can be flowers made from paper, purchased from a dollar store, or can be stickers.


From Australian Peace Pack, Book 2, Lesson 8 

  1. print the template, and colour
  2. cut out the 3 circles (red lines)
  3. double the length of a piece of twine, have the loop end on top
  4. tape each circle on to the twine


In My Heart Painting or Drawing   

Cut large paper hearts and have the kids paint or draw pictures of things/people they love in their hearts.

A world made of love posters   

Cut out a large pile of various colored little hearts. Have the kids use all the little hearts to make collage pictures.

Flower Pots

Plant some seeds in plastic cups or little terra-cotta flower pots.  You can decorate the pots first before filling with potting mix.  You could plant a sunflower of other seed options.

Paper Roses  Make roses out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  Bring rosewater to scent. 

Paper Roses in a Heart  

A Craft Idea from Ruhi Crafts Link Here

Fun Toys to Make  Anyone’s Heart Happy

The Toy Maker

Here is a link to another site for more ideas

Google Drive Downloadable Crafts

Crafts and activities to choose from here

For other lessons on this blog, check out the Ruhi Book 3 page

Baha'i Children class Free Ruhi Book 3

A Quick look at Purity Lesson 1 Grade 1

Discussion: A Pure Kindly & Radiant Heart

How Do You Practice it?
You practice kindness by noticing when someone or something needs care.  You have become sensitive to the world around you.  Use your imagination to think of things that give others happiness – your parents, your friends, your teachers, your brothers and sisters, and even people you don’t know very well.  Find out what habits harm or help the environment and choose kinder ways.
When tempted to be cruel, to criticize, or tease, you decide not to do it You accept people who are different or handicapped instead of ignoring them or teasing them.  When you are practicing kindness, you take really good care of your pets.

What would kindness look like if:

  1. A new child comes into your class and she looks lonely.
  2. You start teasing your brother/ sister and they are getting upset?
  3. Some kids you have been playing with start ridiculing a boy who has big ears.
  4. Your pet got some dirt on them?
  5. Your mother seems tired lately.  

Signs of Success

Congratulations! You are practicing kindness when you…
Give tender attention to someone who is sad or needs help. Do things that give others happiness. Practice habits that help the earth (reduce, reuse, recycle) Resist the temptation to be cruel in your words and actions. Accept people who are different. Take good care of animals. Remember your connection to all creation.
Keep trying! You need more practice when you…
Always put yourself first. Don’t pay attention to the needs of others. Don’t think about how you can help the environment. Tease and play tricks on others. Ignore or ridicule someone who is different. Hurt animals. Neglect your pets. Forget that you are part of God’s creation and that all of it deserves to be cared for with kindness.
taken from this site

I am kind.  I look for ways to help others.  I show kindness to any person or animal I see.  I do all I can to take care of the earth.  I remember my connection to all creation.

Note: All of the 24 lessons for grade 1 can be found here: Grade 1

Some of the activities may be around being clean and tidy in our life. This is not the main theme, (its PURITY OF HEART ) but general cleanliness can be used if the class is of mixed ages.


Watch the video with the class or prepare your own demonstration for the class.

science experiment

THE WATER GOES FROM: PureThen impure Then pure again (symbolizes purifying our heart. ) 

You need: 2 clear cups (one labeled “sin” and one labeled with a cross), food coloring, bleach, baking soda, and water

How you do it: 

  • Fill one glass about 3/4 full of water
  • Stir in 1 tsp of baking soda
  • Add food coloring
  • Next pour about 1/4 cup of bleach into the colored water
L1G1 Prayer
lesson 1 grade 1 prayer

To begin, let us attract divine blessings and create a spiritual atmosphere by reciting a prayer.

Prayer To Memorize

Grade 1 Lesson 1

Here is a link with pictures to help memorize the prayer.

Listen to the prayer:

Want to send this prayer as a postcard? Print it from this link and post it to a neighbor or a friend!

There are so many lovely songs to choose from. Here are a few suggestions

O SON OF SPIRIT! My first counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly, and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable, and everlasting.


My First Counsel


1. One day Gerard and Mary were coloring in some drawings.  Gerard needed the yellow crayon, but Mary did not want to give it to him.  The teacher told Mary that she should share.  The teacher gave Mary good counsel.
2. Patricia has to decide whether to spend her money on cookies or on a storybook.  Her parents advised her to buy the storybook.  Her parents give Patricia good counsel.

1. Tinaye likes to read prayers before going to sleep.  She has a small prayer book to read from.  Tinaye possesses a small prayer book.
2. There was a flood and many people lost everything they possessed, but friends came to their aid, and soon they had the things they needed again.

Pure heart
1. Cathy became angry and screamed at Susan.  Susan was sad but quickly forgave Cathy.  Susan possesses a pure heart.
2. Jorge likes to share his cookies with all the children, even with Gustavo, who throws stones at him.  Jorge possesses a pure heart.

Kindly heart
1. When people in need come to her house, Ming Ling always takes care of them.  Ming Ling possesses a kindly heart.
2. Mr. Robertson is very old. Jimmy helps him carry his fruit harvest to the market.  Jimmy possesses a kindly heart.

Radiant heart
1. When I feel sad, my mother always cheers me up and makes me happy.  My mother possesses a radiant heart.
2. Obuya became ill and has to spend all his time in bed.  He says many prayers, does not become sad, and continues to show forth happiness.  Obuya possesses a radiant heart.  

To memorize the quote, try taking out keywords in the sentence. Have the children have to work out together to find which word would best fit that gap.


Access the word document memorization aid here

Before we leave the quote for today, here is one more short video from Spiritual Cookies to help with the meaning of the words



Story of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá –  Purity Of Heart.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá could always tell what was in a person’s heart, and He greatly loved people whose hearts were pure and radiant. There was a lady who had the honor of being the guest of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá at dinner. As she sat listening to His words of wisdom, she looked at a glass of water in front of her and thought, “Oh! If only ‘Abdu’l-Bahá would take my heart and empty it of every earthly desire and then refill it with divine love and understanding, just as you would do with this glass of water.”

This thought passed through her mind quickly, and she did not say anything about it, but soon something happened that made her realize ‘Abdu’l-Bahá had known what she was thinking. While He was in the middle of His talk, He paused to call a servant and said a few words to him in Persian. The servant quietly came to the lady’s place at the table, took her glass, emptied it, and put it back in front of her.

A little later, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, while continuing to talk, picked up a pitcher of water from the table, and in a most natural way, slowly refilled the lady’s empty glass. No one noticed what had happened, but the lady knew that ‘Abdu’l-Bahá was answering her heart’s desire. She was filled with joy. Now she knew that hearts and minds were like open books to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Who read them with great love and kindliness.

The online platform has more stories with video content. If you can’t access coach zippy, I do apologize: the site is having ongoing issues but I am slowly moving content here to the blog! Sign up here


  •  Use soap to clean your hands after coming home from outside, and before eating.
  • Make sure to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing (cough into your sleeve or a tissue).
  •  Keep your distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing Activity Two
  • Clean your room or an area of the house where you spend time so that you can have a clean area to spend your time in. Cleanliness brings us closer to God.
  • Find a mirror in the house and clean one-half of it, then compare the difference between the clean side and the dirty side.


Explain that kids will make a “rainstorm” of kindness. Being kind is contagious (ask them what contagious means). It may start off with one small act of kindness, but soon that one act with spread to someone else, and so on and so on. It will lead to other acts of kindness, and when those all get added together, they create an amazing “storm” of kindness.

Have kids stand in a circle. Tell them to each do what the teacher does when he/she looks at them and nods. Don’t do it until the teacher looks and nods. Starting at one spot in the circle, the teachers will have the children:

  • Rub hands together (sounds like rain starting to drizzle) 
  • Snap (or slap backs of hands, alternating) (bigger drops)
  • Clap out of rhythm (even bigger) 
  • Slap thighs (heavy rain)
  • Stomp feet (very heavy rain/thunder)
  • Then reverse steps, slapping thighs, then clapping, then snapping, then rubbing hands.


Begin with all the children in a circle, on chairs or cushions (can also take off their shoes and use them as markers). Each round begins with the teacher, who is outside the circle, calling out the following phrase: “The west wind blows on everyone who…”, continuing by referring to some characteristic that more than one child shares, such as blue eyes, black hair, blue pants, and so on. All the children who share that characteristic must then get up and switch places with each other. Each child must find a different seat from the one he or she was occupying before the call.

Care should be taken so that children do not push or collide with each other when switching seats. The circle should be wide enough to give all the children space to move when they are called.


Tie sticks to the children’s arms so they cannot bend their elbows, and then tell them to pretend that they are walking in a desert and are very, very thirsty. When they come upon water in cups, they have to find a way to drink it. They will discover that the only way is to help each other, being careful not to get each other wet.

There are many craft and activity suggestions for you to consider. When you choose what you would like to do with the class, make sure all the required supplies are available for the children.

Folded heart with quote


Make a kindness jar

Download here

Add A Kindness Jar activity to your notebook/lapbook

Kindness jar


Use salt dough or premade dough to make fridge magnets. You can also use a material like felt, heave cardboard or even a small wooden heart and attach the quote.


Here is the Google drive link with most of the activities, quotes etc


Here is a link to another blog for this lesson

Here is another site with lesson for grade 1