Lessons 1 to 24

Ruhi Book 3 Children’s Class

The Lessons Are :

The use of pictures, voice files, and videos to deliver the content will try to keep the learning styles of various children in mind.

 Each lesson will be laid out in the following format.

  1. Welcome
  2. Prayer
  3. Songs (Music)
  4. Quote and Definition of words in the quote
  5. Stories
  6. Games
  7. Crafts/ Activities 
To view a lesson, click on one of the images below to view the content

This is the link for All coloring pages and All quotes Grade 1

This is a link for ALL GRADE 1 material including POSTCARDS by the lesson on Google Drive

This is the link for Grade 1 Songs From Los Nice Guys

This is the link for Grade 1 Songs from Ruhi.Org

Baha’i Ideas Website with Slides for all Grade 1 lessons


Content Used in Lessons come from a variety of places including other website with lessons. I always try to link directly with these sources and do not have the content for direct download.

Lesson Plans / Material

Ruhi Book Material PDF DOWNLOAD Grade 1

Baha’i Ideas Slides for lessons

Rebekah’s Resources

Supporting The Core Activities


Ruhi Book 3 Grade 1 Songs

Fountain Of Generosity

Coloring Pages and activities

Coral Pearls: coloring and very cute Tags with quotes on them

Ruhi Book 3 Grade 1 Colouring Pages

Sahara Blog Coloring Pages

Delighted Hearts coloring pages

Enkindle colouring and activity PDF to download

Baha’i Coloring Pages on Facebook

Stories And Activities

Brilliant Star Magazine

Illustrated Stories for Grade 1

Mine Rich In Gems

Stories Told By Children

Baha’i Blog

Poems on topics like courage

Older Grade 1 Lessons

Wairarapa Bahá’í Children’s Class Blog

Resources for Children class


App to download with music for children Subscription Service by Shadi Toloui-Wallace and Jason Bienia

Hasten free resources


What is that word? Popular Baha’i words

Creative Ideas

Bobo and Kipi

Baha’i Blog Song Studio

Fred Travels the Trains to See Abdu’l-Baha


Stories about ‘Abdu’l-Baha