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Adorable paper beads

I recently shared with a facebook group, the prayer beads the children made for Ayyam-i-Ha and gave to each Baha’i household. They were made out of glass beads from Micheals and placed in a small bag with “Allah-u-Abha” on the bag. Paper also makes lovely bead and for those of you who love to recycle this is a fun and easy craft.

Crafts don’t have to be expensive and paper is one of my favorite mediums to work with because it helps me to recycle and it is easy on my wallet. To make these paper beads just grab the templates below, some old scraps of paper like magazines, wrapping paper, etc. or even buy some special paper. In no time at all, you will have tons of beads

Age : Suitable for Kindergarten age with help from an adult.

Time: 2 minutes each…gets faster and easier the more you do.

Supplies: Paper, Templates below, scissors, glue, optional paint glitter, and varnish

Here are the easy steps to make as many paper beads as your hearts desire:

  1. First grab the template below: More templates can be found on my Etsy store soon.
  2. Print the template directly onto your paper or print the template onto plain paper and use as a template to cut out the beads.
  3. Using a wooden skewer or a straw to wrap the paper starting at the widest side and keep the patterned side of the paper down. Tip: For younger children, a straw allows the stringing of the bead process to be easier. You will need to glue the edge of the paper to the straw so it does not slip off . Once the bead is rolled up and glued, you will cut the straw …a piece of the straw will remain in the bead.
  4. Roll the paper all the way up to the narrow end and add a bit of glue to hold it in place.
  5. Varnish with clear nail polish, Mod Podge or any other clear varnish you have access to.
  6. I dipped mine in gold glitter and paint before I varnished.

This template below is a sample of the many shapes for paper beads. The larger pieces are easier for little kids. The small beads might be better for adults to complete.

make paper beads and use them in many ways including prayer beads
Paper beads drying on a stick

Have fun


Just us crafting

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Bahá’i inspired Journal

Love journaling but can’t seem to find a great Baha’i Journal? We are developing a Baha’i Inspired Journal just for you!

Yep! Here is how it happened: a few of us on a Facebook group page got talking about the lack of a good Bahá’i journal and Lo and Behold a collaboration was born! We were looking to release it at Naw-Rúz but there was so much more planning and organizing to do than we thought, so we have only March and April done! Yeah for us!

For sure Ridván will see it available for download or print.

We think that this will make a great gift ideas for those who love to journal. If you need additional ideas for Holy day gifts, check out the easy pendant idea!

What does it look like?

At first we were playing around with each month having different colours but now we are thinking to just keep it simple.

Here is how we planned the layout:

  • The cover is a mandala with ta 9 pointed star.
  • The inside cover has a quote
mandala with nine pointed star
Image we will use for the cover of the Journal.
  • Next pages are the yearly Bad’i Calendar and the page opposite are the important Baha’i dates
  • Each month starts with a mandala to colour
  • Then there is a monthly calendar with all the important events happening like feasts and holy days
  • Each month will have a place to set goals for the month and the action steps for each.
A place to set some goal for the month
  • Then we saw a beautiful info-graph on what is needed to lead a Baha’i life and we turned this into a habit tracker for each month
  • We all need to remember the things that made us smile along the way and keep track of the random idea and thoughts. We gave these a page for themselves in a very free form manner.
  • I am always trying to remember a book I wanted to read or did read.
  • A piece of music or a podcast I want to remember
  • An event to attend
  • A service project I am involved in or would like to do: this page is a visual representative of that.

Weekly view:

  • For the weekly view we have each week of the month at a glance.
  • A planner for meal plans and exercise

Daily View Records :

  • The day, the Baha’i month and if there is a feast or holy day.
  • There is a quote inserted in the banner section not shown here
  • Quotes you love of want to remember
  • Appointments
  • Tracking a habit
  • Tasks
  • Meals
  • Who you are praying for
  • Space to record personal, work and home
  • A space to reflect

Then it is a repeat of these pages for each month.

We would love any feedback on this journal.

Download your free March / April and if you want to sign up for notice when the journal is complete then please do so here.