Cricut Course

Cricut For Beginners: Anyone who has a machine and not sure what to do next.

We are so excited to have to offer Cricut Courses to our readers!

The platform we are using allows for a professionally designed course delivered and many different formats.

We have uploaded the first course for the Cricut Machine in DESKTOP and MOBILE APP version.

Who is this course for?

  • Own machine and it is still in the box?
  • Need a refresher on using the Cricut?
  • Thinking of getting a machine
  • Knows someone who has a machine and can borrow it?
  • Adults
  • Kids (Yes! the videos are easy to follow and so are the 3 projects)


Need to think about it?

I know! Yet another course and I may not even like it. I downloaded ebooks, tried Youtube videos and so many other learning tools when I first got my Cricut machine. It was a hit and miss process. The ebooks remain unread, the Youtube videos are great but I ended up watching out of order and could not always find the next logical video to watch.

My Course has a little written content, all of which are also in the videos. All videos are less than 5 minutes long. All of the 3 projects are simple enough not to intimidate anyone yet give you the experience you need to go on to create the most complex project.


YEP! there is a free sample course you can try for free on using Fonts in Cricut Design Space. Take a look, no commitments!

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Want some awesome free stuff?

We have put together 3 free items for you. Want it? Then all you have to do is sign up for the free sample course. When you do, a welcome email will be sent and in it, there is a link to share. When you share the link you will be able to download the 3 gifts! Easy! Oh and enjoy the free content! It will give you a good idea about how the full course is set up and what to expect.


Is A Cricut Course For You?

Here is a simple checklist to determine if a Cricut course is for you or someone you know.. If any of these apply, then enroll in the Cricut Beginners 101 course today.

  • Own a machine got one as a gift or you are thinking to purchase one
  • You are thinking of giving a Cricut machine as a gift: this is a great bonus for the new user.
  • You don’t want to read lots of blog post and articles to help get you started
  • You don’t want to sit through long video content with advertising targeting you
  • You want to have a logical flow of information and not have random videos presented to you.
  • You want to be able to stop the Cricut Course and return any time, at your own pace and continue where you left off
  • You like not having to go out of your way to a location and can learn at home.
  • Want a personal experience, not a crowded room.
  • YOUR machine still in the box, or on the shelf collecting dust?
  • You used the Cricut Machine once and got scared or overwhelmed to start? Sounds like you? Then this is the perfect way to start using your machine like a pro!

Our Cricut Beginners 101 Course was developed using course content that was delivered to users just like you at Michael Stores locations. It is delivered in bite-size pieces that are easy to digest. The content is made up of photos, writing, and over 40 videos ranging in length from 35 seconds to under 5 minutes. Proceed at our own pace, rewind, fast forward, login, and complete when you feel like.

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What is included in the Cricut Course?

The course covers creating your Cricut ID, Design Space HOME and CANVAS area, creating projects using Cardstock, Adhesive Vinyl and Iron on (HTV). There are industry tips and hint and an ebook with resources. The Cricut Course is on a platform that allows students to easily ask questions of the instructor for a more personalized experience.

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We will soon be posting Beginners Course of Silhouette Users as well as advanced courses for both Cricut Maker and Silhouette Cameo. The plan is to have a few mini-course on specific topics and we would love your feedback on what is important to you. We look forward to hearing from you